Zoah (Planned Identity of)


The following appears in Room No. 1 of the Ultimania interviews:

"We might not be able to talk about the official game now, but there's a secret under Zoah's iron mask. It's said that his face was once injured in war and now he hides the wound with an iron mask, but in reality he's wearing it so as not to reveal his identity. Zoah's role was to be that of the prince of a certain country, secretly watching over the protagonists' doings from the beginning. If you had chosen the forest route (Slash Route) when it came time to infiltrate the Viper Room, you ought to have been able to see an event shedding light on Zoah's true identity."

Who was Zoah going to be?


Guardian Origin[edit]


Curiously, the mushroom that turns Funguy into a mushroom-man is found in Shadow Forest, where that lost Zoah backstory was supposed to be hinted at... And this mushroom Key Item is described as "An expensive delicacy found only in the Guardia region." Could Zoah be the one that dropped this mushroom in the forest, and thus perhaps be the new prince of Guardia's surviving state after Crono and Marle are deposed?



Is bizarre as it seems, Zoah as Magus would explain why his fortune evokes a "deep sadness" under his mask, and also how he's a prince watching over the protagonists to ensure Schala is saved.



Zoah is 28 years old in Chrono Cross, meaning he was born in 992 A.D. By this time, even Lucca was probably 6 or 7 years old (the accident with Lara occured in 990 A.D.), and Crono and Marle were roughly her age. It's thus very unlikely that Zoah is Crono by age alone.

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