Zero Experience Patch

Author: Aprocalypse
Download: Zero Experience Patch

Aprocalypse: What the patch does:

This patch removes experience from every monster in Chrono Trigger, so that no matter what happens, no character can progress any levels during the entirity of the game, which means levels are fixed at:

  • Chrono - Level 1
  • Marle - Level 1
  • Lucca - Level 2
  • Frog - Level 5
  • Robo - Level 10
  • Ayla - Level 18
  • Magus - Level 37

Effectively, this makes the game like playing a Low Level Game, except slightly different. The main differences are:

  • Running away from encounters is less tedious - you can run into random encounters without worrying about getting experience. [this and the next point are the main reasons I wanted to do this]
  • Less micromanagement of parties to share experience around, and killing off all but one character before you get the wallet.
  • Techs can be be learned before getting the Wallet. Although, I recommend not using or learning these techs before the Wallet, for a more difficult and enjoyable challenge. Although, this is the counter of the next bullet.
  • After getting the Wallet, your party will have signifigantly low levels than you would be in a LLG (At the end of the game in a LLG, the levels will be 1-4-15-15-16-20-37, vs 1-1-2-5-10-18-37)
  • Gold is easier to get, lots easier. Though, you can always get infinite gold using the shelter trick, if need be.

It's just as possible to complete as a LLG, though - / - so have fun!

Oh, it also renames the Wallet and gives it a new descript. (The effect remains the same... but because of what the rest of the patch does... it's not exactly useful.)

How to get the patch working:

The patch is an ips file, which works on the expanded "Chrono Trigger (U)" rom. To get this to work, you need this rom - don't ask how to get it, thanks, though if you're reading this you probably already have it.

With this you then need to expand the rom. This can be done using Temporal Flux. Open your rom with TF, then go File -> Patches -> Expand Rom. Then save the rom as another file name.

After this, use LunarIPS (or whatever IPS program you use) on the ips file, and this rom, and it will patch them together. Softpatching (naming the ips and the rom the same name/in same folder, and opening using emulator) probably works too, but I've not tested it.


  • BlitzKrieg for making Chrono Trigger Editing Companion, which was used to remove experience and change the name/description of Wallet.
  • Vehek for helping me to understand DaMarsMan's code for inserting an introduction into a game...
  • Squaresoft for creating the game

I think at some point I'll make some sort of hardtype hack, though I'm not sure... this was a fun little foray into looking at roms in any case. Thanks to everyone who helped.

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