Zeal Battle (Modifications)

Author: Chickenlump
Download: Zeal Battle

Chickenlump: Yup, you get to face off against Zeal's royal family! What a nasty trio they are too, they showed no mercy with me..but I expect nobody but me to attempt beating them at the start of the game, I was just asking for a beating. I came *this* close to adding Alfador into the mix, but decided not to at the last minute. Maybe in a follow up hack?

Someone let me know if this battle is beatable, Zeal's Hallation mixed with the other's magic spells certain doom for all involved, If it's not, I can easily change Zeal's AI to something else. If anything, it's a challenge.

Apply to an unheadered ROM. Just walk into Gato's Exhibit to initiate battle.

(Note: Schala isn't normally fightable, I used Chrono Tweaker to change an enemy into Schala, then I removed the header and used Temporal Flux to edit the event.)


From: Modifications (Chrono Trigger)