Woodcutter's Hut

General Information[edit]

Radical Dreamers[edit]

In Kid and the Sunflower, it is noted that a small woodcutter's hut exists in the woods away from Viper Manor. If Serge sacrifices himself in the scenario, his soul is taken there for recuperation. The lines describing it are a bit poetic:

...Dry leaves drift down from the trees, covering the vast landscape bit by
bit. Autumn turns to Winter, then to Spring, Summer, and finally Autumn once
again. Time travels on, the everlasting impartial arbiter...
Somewhere in a vast forest, a small, isolated hut stands in solitude. Built
by the men of a nearby village, it's used mainly for when loggers come to
fell the trees of the forest.
However, on this particular day, it has a different use.

From: Locations (Radical Dreamers)