Wingapede (Monsters)

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Hydra Marshes[edit]

Found: Unused
Type: Floating
Innate: Green
HP: 430
Attack: 32
Defense: 12
Magic: 8
Magic Defense: 3
HIT%: 120
EVD%: 0
Action Points: 9
Status Effect Length: 13
Common Drop: AeroSaucer
Rare Drop: Leather
Common Steal: Plaster Cap
Rare Steal: Feather
Gold: 164g
Doppelgang: Yes

This Wingapede doesn't appear in the game. It was probably intended to be encountered in Home World, but the stronger version appears instead.


Found: Unknown
Type: Floating
Innate: Green
HP: 550
Attack: 70
Defense: 40
Magic: 10
Magic Defense: 10
HIT%: 140
EVD%: 0
Action Points: 21
Status Effect Length: 13
Common Drop: Carnivore
Rare Drop: Plaster Cap
Common Steal: Mythril
Rare Steal: Mythril
Gold: 763g
Doppelgang: Yes

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Name: マルロザリー
Translation: Maru Rosalie

Element Grid[edit]
[@AcidicGas ]
[@AcidicGas ][ @AcidicGas  ][InfoScope-3 ]
[ Tornado-5 ][AeroBlaster-2][AeroSaucer+1][InfoScope-2]




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