Waystone Paradox (Reasons for)


In Chrono Trigger DS, Crono takes a Prismastone and leaves it in the Lost Sanctum for millions of years. Crono then takes the older Prismastone and returns to prehistory to fuse it with its past part to create a Saintstone. So far, this is consistent with Time Bastard; it's a Robo-visiting-Robo or Blue Vest vs. Blue Plate situation. However, Crono leaves the Saintstone in prehistory for millions of years to charge it up into a Waystone. At this point, half of the Waystone should cease to exist, as Time Bastard would come into effect for the original Prismastone. It doesn't.


Shiny-Half Theory[edit]


Perhaps enough chemical changes took place that even with half of the Waystone subjected to Time Bastard, the other half was still powered up enough to shine and function as the flashlight for the cave.

From: Plot Inconsistencies
From: Theory (Time and Dimensions)