Vehicles (Radical Dreamers)

Radical Dreamers[edit]

Escape Pod[edit]

Used by: Lynx

Once his spaceship is destroyed, Lynx uses a pedal-powered escape pod in SuperXtreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra to flee Mick Van Jovi and the rest of the party. Mick notes that he won't get very far with it.

Lynx's Spaceship[edit]

Used by: Lynx

In SuperXtreme Alphacosmos Police Case EX Ultra, Lynx was originally from Mars and crash landed his spaceship around Viper Manor five hundred years before the game. It is metallic and saucer-shaped, and uses the Frozen Flame as its fusion reactor. It is eventually destroyed by the Martian Forest League Concealed Lesser Armament Bunny.



Used by: Lynx

Mecha-Lynx is Lynx's personal giant robot, which he uses to challenge Paradise X in The Enigmatic Gigaweapon: Paradise X. It is impervious to physical damage, and is decked in white armor. It is eventually destroyed after Paradise X uses its final power; the roasted body of Lynx is found inside.


Neo Epoch[edit]

Main Article: Neo Epoch

A vessel called the Neo Epoch is referenced in one of the study's books; it is engaged in battle, and has lost three of its antiparticle shells, sustaining hull damage. This leads the reader to believe it is a spaceship capable of warfare.

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