Utilities (Chrono Trigger)

Utilities are listed in rough order of importance, with a tag denoting what type of ROM the utility is compatible with is included.

Some utilities are outdated and precluded by the ones on this page, but can still be found at Other Utilities (Chrono Trigger).

Temporal Flux[edit]

Author: Geiger
Rom Type: Unheadered

Temporal Flux is a spectacular editor that can work with dialogue, locations, and overworlds, and in the future will be the vehicle for editing everything in the game. A plugin architecture lets editors add their own functionality to the program. Get the latest version and plugin architecture here. A backup for 3.01 is available here with a plugin architecture 1.00 backup here.

Bisqwit's Translation Tools[edit]

These allow translation of Chrono Trigger into other languages.

Chrono Compressor[edit]

This is an SNES Utility that allows you to extract a subset of a ROM and save it to a separate file, or reinsert a chunk of ROM data back into a ROM file. Additionally, it makes use of Evil Peer’s re/decompression algorithm to compress or decompress chunks of a Chrono Trigger ROM (as CT uses a proprietary compression scheme, that is the only game for which the re/decompression works). This is useful for things like sprite or tileset editing; you can pull out (and decompress, if necessary) the relevant ROM data, edit it however you like, and then reinsert it into the original ROM. Included in the .zip file is a readme with an example usage, and a text file containing all of the known offsets in Chrono Trigger. READ THE README FIRST, please! If you don’t, it is very possible to corrupt your ROM file. If you’re careful, though, that won’t happen. Happy hacking!

Chrono Tweaker[edit]

Author: Chickenlump
Rom Type: Headered

Chrono Tweaker is a project by Chickenlump to do all sorts of things, including editing sprite assembly and palette pointers. It can also edit data for weapons, armor, and other items.


Chrono Trigger Editing Companion[edit]

Author: BlitzKrieg
Rom Type: Unheadered

Chrono Trigger Editing Companion can edit Item, Enemy, Playable Character, and other stats. It was designed as a companion for Temporal Flux until Geiger can add these features to that program.


Chrono Trigger Shop Editor (2005)[edit]

Author: beneficii
Rom Type: Unheadered

beneficii authored this new shop editor to replace the old one, which was a bit quaint.


Chrono Trigger Tech Editor[edit]

Author: jsondag2
Rom Type: Unheadered

Report bugs and check progress here. Make a backup, as this is still in the early phase of development.



Author: Unknown
Rom Type: Unheadereed

A Character viewer and sprite assembly editor.


SPC Editor[edit]

JCE3000GT's SPC editor can do hat Temporal Flux does for several games. That is, it can edit which instrument samples are used in songs and other things. It's in constant development, so look for updates.


Temporal Displacement[edit]

Author: Captain Dax

TD is a ZSNES savestate editor for Chrono Trigger.


Other Utilities[edit]

These programs weren't designed with Chrono Trigger specifically in mind, but they are vital to editing and offer more options to rom hackers. They are listed alphabetically.

Geiger's SNES9x Debugger[edit]

Author: Geiger

It has a built in hex editor, RAM editor, can save changes, can trace down code and data, and produce an offsets listing, remove headers, and other miscellaneous stuff.



Author: Irfan Skiljan

Irfanview is a lightweight image editor that is very easy to use. However, if you have your own and are experienced with it, disregard this.


RS3ExTool2 Tool[edit]

Seems to only work with headered ROMs.

Check the tutorial at Using the RS3ExTool2 Tool.


Author: SNESMusic

SNESAmp is the best .spc player and is a plugin for Winamp



Author: Yousei

SNESPal can search and edit palettes in roms.



Author: Base-6x2

SpriteRight is a work-in-progress animation editor. Please contact ZeaLitY for further information.



Author: SnowBro

Tile Molester is a multi-format, user-extensible graphics data editor that lets you create, view and edit graphics in arbitrary binary files, with a particular focus on binaries for game consoles. The program is written entirely in Java, so it can be run on any platform that has a Java Runtime Environment installed. See the Documentation for more information. The full source code is also available under the GNU Public License.

Download TileMolester

Download Java Runtimes (Get the JRE package)


Author: Brian Bennewitz

Translhextion is a binary file editor and translation tool for 32-bit Windows (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000). It even uses a Magus file icon!



Author: Chmaas

XVI32 is a lightweight, easy to use Hex Editor.


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