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I am Sir Slush (my username was derived from a line said by Frog in Chrono Trigger; see the Chrono Trigger text dump on GameFAQs and search for it). I am a teenager who was born in and is living in the Midwestern United States, and I am a native speaker of American English. I have studied the Hepburn romaji system [1], the most commonly used system and the one taught to English speakers, and I have updated some of the transliterations on this site to comply with that system. The fact that this site uses Unicode for its pages is perfect for displaying Japanese characters and letters with macrons (Unicode happens to be my favorite method of encoding pages). I also know most kana and a few simple kanji. Though I am not fluent in Japanese, I have studied Japanese transliteration (i.e., transliteration of Englsih words into katakana) somewhat.

Note that I have not played Chrono Cross or Radical Dreamers (nor do I know much about either), so most of my work on this site will be on Chrono Trigger-related pages.