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Ask Mr. Kato!

The scenario in this work includes many elements of puzzles. If you have referred to the analysis of the scenarios (pg 460 onwards), then you'd probably have, to a certain extent, resolved some of the mysteries. But even so, there should probably still be some questions left. Getting together in a common interview there, Mr. Kato helped cleared some of the questions regarding the content of the scenario. It's worth reading every Q+A!

Question: Did Home World's Kid die in the fire five years ago?

Answer: If you think about the rumors that are being whispered about the Radical Dreamers in Home World, she's probably still running around up in the mainland.

Question: What's the reason for Kid going after the Frozen Flame?

Answer: The reason for this appears to be 'going after the legendary treasure.' But the true reason behind this is that Kid knew about the danger of the Frozen Flame. Before the orphanage was raided, Lynx must have approached Lucca a number of times, that must have been forced out when Lynx employed forceful methods. At that time, Kid being nearby, she must have sensed that, when Lynx threatened Lucca and Lucca strongly refused. Lucca probably have inferred to some extent from the very little information Lynx gave, and she probably uttered that 'if the Frozen Flame was to fall into the wrong hands, the unthinkable would happen.' Kid, hearing this, she was determined not to let Lynx have the Flame, and also to obtain the Flame herself to deal with later.

Question: The world in the stage in 'Chrono Trigger' had only one moon. And that same world as the stage in 'Chrono Cross' had two moons. Why would that be so?

Answer: As a result of the time clash, the dimensions split. The point in time where Chronopolis and Dinopolis was hurled to, another moon came in existence.

Question: Why do Lynx, Harle and the Six Dragon Gods exist in only one of Home World and Another World?

Answer: Regarding the Six Dragon Gods, originally they existed in two dimensions, but it was made such that each in either word was destroyed. As for Lynx and Harle, there were two of them but Lynx and Harle disappeared in the Dead Sea in Home World.

Question: Harle is said to be 18 years old, but is that only in appearance?

Answer: Harle was born 14 years ago, when Schala heard Serge's cries, a clone of herself was born, causing a distortion that temporarily broke the seal of the Dragon Gods. Therefore, the 18 years old is only an appearance. That raises the question of whether Harle's existing body can age normally. (laughs) She probably had that form when she was born.

Question: What was the reason for you to show the scene where Harle leaves Serge and the party?

Answer: Harle was a separated part of the dragons, but her role was not about as big as the dragons. The role attached to her was to completely unify the elements. Harle conspired with Lynx, and then made use of FATE, to quickly accomplish the mission she had imposed on herself. But she knew that she will have to unfold the battle with Serge and company that will put everyone's life on the line. The departure scene is when she finally decides to leave, and that's why she cried. Harle is not dragon but instead she takes the form of a human. The reason is because she's born as the child of both dragon and human. In the conflict between the planet and humans, as the children of Lavos, Harle could also be seen as the bridge between the planet and the humans. Harle's position is an extremely sorrowful one.

Question: Harle and Kid speak similar lines, and the results of the fortune- telling by the fortune teller are the same. What's could be the reason for that?

Answer: Harle is indeed the moon. There are two moons in this world. There's another moon that exists as a sibling to the bigger moon. And Harle is a fragment of that smaller moon. Her name itself is [tsuku-yomi] (meaning moon- reading), hence she has plenty of lines with "to the moon." Well, certainly Harle existing as an opposition to Kid had been established in the beginning, there were also many other parts with this meaning.

Question: "After building Chronopolis, the Time Crash that it brought about was unexpected," as said by Belthasar himself. "Everything was planned by Belthasar," says Lucca. Which is the truth?

Answer: Belthasar's excuse, Lucca's analysis. Lucca probably had the right answer. Belthasar foresaw 100% of everything, but having no reason to plot any of them. So, if you ask why did Belthasar gave such an explanation, he probably decided that it would be inappropriate to reveal everything then, at Terra Tower.

[In the English version, Belthasar never said he did not expect the Time Crash. In his exactly words: "Well, that research led to the creation of Chronopolis and to the Time Crash... You might think I really blew it, but perhaps it was really my finest hour!"]

Question: In the FMV where Serge come face to face with the Frozen Flame, is it a hint of the future where Serge is unable to release the Time Devourer?

Answer: That's not the case. The Frozen Flame is called the legendary treasure, however, it a fearful entity that surpasses human knowledge. That's about what it hints at.

Question: Although the seal should have already been broken, the Dragons stole the Frozen Flame away. Was it to acquire new power?

Answer: In either case, they will not let the humans have it.

Question: What was the true form of that huge face that called out to Serge in Terra Tower?

Answer: In the initial design, it was planned to be another character but it became one of the researchers in the game.

Question: Please tell us about the connection between Fargo, Lynx and General Viper.

Answer: The connection between Fargo and General Viper is not directly entwined with Lynx. Fargo, who had since the beginning detested General Viper, in the several times he opposed General Viper, he came to know Lynx. It was then he met a dangerous eye. [literal translation.]

Question: In Miguels' flashback, whose voice did Wazuki and Miguel hear in Chronopolis?

Answer: The Frozen Flame's voice. Or, the thoughts of the Frozen Flame converted into human's language in their own minds. That would perhaps be the more appropriate answer.

Question: What could be the reason that Miguel was stuck in the Dead Sea? And, were there two of him in existence?

Answer: 14 years ago when he entered the Sea of Eden, he was bewitched. By the knowledge of the future, by the powers of FATE. Perhaps he was overwhelmed in the sea of information, perhaps he became one with Chronopolis. When the world separated into two, of course, there were two of him. The one who was in Chronopolis, was eliminated by FATE, I'm afraid.

Question: In Another World, in Karsh's flashback, according to what he said, was it not Karsh, and not Dario who was possessed by the evil sword?

Answer: At first glance, it appears that the words read that Karsh was the one possessed by the sword. But if you read it again after knowing the truth, you will understand that he was actually talking about Dario.

Question: What could be the reason that Home World's Viper Manor was in shambles?

Answer: In the time when General Viper and the Acacia Dragoons disappeared, the manor was brought down by a fire accident. Perhaps it was caused by a lightning strike. Perhaps it was the result of carelessness of the Porre spies who had entered the manor during investigations. Those would all be probable reasons.

Question: It was mentioned in Lucca's letter that Janus existed. Did Janus ('Trigger's' Magus) appear at all in 'Cross'?

Answer: Originally, I wanted to write about Schala's and Janus's story after that, but I gave up after we reached about 40 characters. I felt that writing the close relation between Schala, Kid and Janus would impossible if I had to squeeze the number of characters. As for Lucca's letter, when we started developing for the game, the letter was written as Janus appearance was planned. Lucca knew that Magus was in search of Schala, and since she didn't even explicitly mention Janus's whereabouts, we left the letter as it is.

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