Tyrano Lair (CTP)

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger Prerelease[edit]

Era: 65000000 B.C.
Music: Tyrano Lair (Unused)
Items: ?

The Tyrano Lair is mostly complete. The formerly-known "Unknown Battle" music plays here, revealing that it was originally intended for the Tyrano Lair. In one of the switch rooms, a stone will fall if certain switches are pressed. It blocks the exit. It apparently was coded poorly in the events, because sometimes the graphics glitch. On the balcony, two Dactyls hover nearby to create a scene used for one of the prism cards.

In the final version of Chrono Trigger, you see "Kino: Got it, Ayla. Kino teach good thing!" before Kino shows you how to open the Dinosaur mouth doors. He then says he's jealous of your strength before escaping the lair. In the Prerelease, three lines come before that line about jealousy:

た 助け 来てくれたか!?[END]
こうなったの もともと オマエ達のせい![END]
オレ オマエ達 正しい思う……。
かくれる 逃げる もうイヤ![END]
  • H-has help come!?
  • This entirely your fault!
  • I think you all have right idea……No want hiding and running!

These are definitely lines for NPCs. Perhaps the prisoners were planned to speak as they escaped. Kino's line about being jealous may not have been intended for him, but kept for him anyway when they removed the NPCs.

While in the final, pressing the center switch in the final switch room activates a save point, it's actually a fairly devious trap in the prototype. Pressing the switch drops a large stone sphere (which does not exist at all in the final) into the center of the room, effectively blocking you off and forcing you to jump down the pits to escape if you've opened them.









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