Truce Inn

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 600 A.D., 1000 A.D.
Music: Longing of the Wind, Peaceful Days
Sealed Chest Items: Blue Mail, Blue Vest

The Truce Inn is home to two sealed chests from Zeal, and charges 10g a night for room. The chest behind the counter in 1000 A.D. is actually functional, and gives the player a certain amount of gold. It can be accessed via walk through walls. Players can view a knife under one of the beds in the present inn by disabling layer one in an emulator.

From Chrono Trigger Ultimania, translated by Lorenz:

27 The Piano Player’s Song List Grows Larger and Larger

Pianist’s Songs

If you treat the female piano player at Truce Inn to a drink, she’ll play you a song, and the number of songs she can play increases the story progresses. The type of song and the requirements for unlocking those songs are listed below. Also, after you unlock two or more songs every time you buy her a drink the song she’ll play is chosen at random.

Info Box: Additional Songs and Conditions to Unlock Them

Song Name			Condition
Green Remembrance		Can be heard from the start of the game
The Wind’s Longing		Return to the Present in chapter 4, “I’m Home!”
Desolate World			Return to the Present in chapter 9, “The People of Demon Village”.
Wind, Sky and Earth Rhythym	Go to the Primitive Age in chapter 12, “Red Stone, Rare Stone”.
Corridors of Time		Go to the Ancient Age in chapter 18, “Magic Kingdom Zeal”



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From: Locations (Chrono Trigger)