Time Research Lab (Transferral to 2300 A.D.)


The Chronopolis Chief states that a Time Research Lab travelled with Belthasar to 2300 A.D., and that he eventually founded Chronopolis using the research lab as a foundation. However, in Chrono Trigger, Magus's flashback reveals that Belthasar originally came to the ruined 2300 A.D. in the Lavos Timeline with just the clothes on his back. Where did the Time Research Lab come from? Can a structure like that even fit through a Gate?


This is a mistranslation. Compare to the original line:

The Time Research Lab, which was this research center's foundation, was established by the genius scientist, Belthasar, who appeared from nowhere in 2300 A.D.

The Time Research Lab is simply the predecessor facility to Chronopolis that Belthasar built after arriving to the future.

Deprecated Theories[edit]

Figure of Speech[edit]

evirus, Zaperking

The statement by the Chronopolis Chief was merely a figure of speech; Belthasar's sudden appearance with the Time Research Lab just refers to his quick organization and establishing Chronopolis.

Belthasar's Foresight[edit]


One possible solution is that Belthasar detected Schala and the Time Devourer before departing to 2300 A.D., and had the foresight to arrange for part of his laboratory following him through time. Support exists in that he is absent from Chrono Trigger after the Prophet's banishment, and might have been able to do something to this effect. However, this is very unlikely; Belthasar's foresight and planning capability in orchestrating Project Kid is godlike, and to extend this power to his days in Zeal is troublesome.


Epoch Prototype in Chrono Trigger?[edit]

Dalton states that he recognizes the Epoch as something Belthasar was working on in Zeal before being banished. This raises the question of whether the Epoch followed Belthasar to 2300 A.D. or if he simply copied the design in building a new one. At any rate, it is not depicted as traveling with Belthasar to 2300 A.D. after the Ocean Palace Incident, rendering the possibility of structures following him through time obsolete.

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