Hyena 20 Posted 8/1/2007 4:36:39 PM message detail The line where Magus says that 'most of the humans&Mazoku have let their lives drop', you mentioned something about not being sure on the translation. I also had trouble with it some time back, so I asked my tutor who is a native speaker. She translated it as "Most of the Humans and Mazoku have lost their lives". --- Hera is like the Greco-Roman pantheon/mythology version of Hillary Clinton. [Independent Centrist] [Boycott EA] Zeality Posted 8/1/2007 6:14:59 PM message detail Aw, guess that's referring to the war, rather than the cretin thing...oh well! --- For the first time, find out what was in the original Chrono Trigger. Hyena 20 Posted 8/1/2007 9:59:28 PM message detail No, it's referring to one of his lines in the Frog vs. Magus ending. I think the Woolsey version is something like "We humans and wizards have destroyed this world" --- Hera is like the Greco-Roman pantheon/mythology version of Hillary Clinton. [Independent Centrist] [Boycott EA] Hyena 20 Posted 8/9/2007 2:41:13 PM message detail A bit more.

The pre-release, monster, 'Maririsu'. Should be romanized as 'Marilith', with mention that it could also be romanized as 'malilith', which it is obviously wordplay on. Considering this, 'Miannu' (Naga-ette) is probably loose wordplay on the word 'Lamia' --- Hera is like the Greco-Roman pantheon/mythology version of Hillary Clinton. [Independent Centrist] [Boycott EA] Hyena 20 Posted 8/9/2007 3:59:32 PM message detail Some stuff for the encyclopedia:

BLACK WIND The Black Wind appears to refer to violent death, and presumably it is the spirits of death that are sensed. One could make allusions to the Greco-Roman goddess of violent death, Ker.

MYSTIC WAR It should be mentioned that Mazoku/Mystic tensions towards humans probably arose in 12k BC, when Mt Woe, their home, was destroyed by a ragtag trio of humans (keystone timeline), or by the Great Zeal Disaster (original timeline)

YAKRA It should be mentioned that Yakra had ample motivation for doing what he did; the humans demolished his tribe's forest territory and built an abbey in its place. Things like that tend to piss people off.

OZZIE ""His battle strategy consisted of freezing himself, a technique which undid him in the end. " Should say: Ozzie prefers to avoid direct battle with stronger opponents, preferring instead to rely on a myriad of traps within the lair. When engaged with weak opponents, his preferred strategy is to send minions to the front lines, while he blasts his victims with magic from a safe distance. His battle strategy when confronted by a powerful opponent consisted of freezing himself inside a virtually impenetrable chrysalis of ice, wherein he would slowly regenerate any injuries or fatigue he suffered. Those foolish enough to attempt breaking the chrysalis would be hit with an explosion. However, this technique proved to be his undoing.

SLASH However, this grudge is entirely absent from the Japanese version, and in fact the two swordsmen almost seem to show a type of respect for one-another (unlike the encounters with Ozzie and Flea, to both of whom Frog displays contempt) Slash is a no-nonsense type of warrior who, unlike the other two generals, enjoys a fair fight.

FLEA In Cross, it is stated that Flea assumes a feminine appearance via use of the Flea Vest/Bra. In Trigger, it is alluded that Flea, through shape-shifting abilities, is able to take the form of a woman. Flea is a 'Space Magician', and his preferred tactics are to launch a volley of stat-inflicting spells on his enemies in order to disable them and bring about a slow death.