Sun Stone (Power of)


What is the power of the Sun Stone?


At the equator, at noon, the sun delivers 950 Watts per meter. Assume the Sun Stone is 0.1 meters in diameter and has 100% efficiency. Then,

Power (absorbed) = (950 Watts/meter) (3.14) (0.05 meters)^2 = 7.46 Watts

Energy = Power * Time

65,002,300 years = 2.05*10^15 seconds

E = (7.46 Watts) (2.05*10^15 seconds) = 1.53*10^16 Joules

One Ton of TNT = 4.184*10^9 Joules

Sun Stone = 3.66 megatons of TNT

A vertically orientated solar collector, situated at the pole, would receive the exact same energy.

If the Sun Keep operates on geothermal energy or absorbs the sun's power directly, the Sun Stone could contain even more energy. And the Zealians gave that up in favor of Lavos. Lucca receives it by the end of the game.

From: Theory (Objects)