Storyline Points

Credit to T.Geiger:

This is more a point of curiosity than anything useful, but these are the Storyline Points as they occur in the event data. You can alter where you are at in the story with 7F0000xx where xx is one of the following values.

Note that this will not allow you to do anything at any time, as a number of items are also controlled by flags in memory (for example, once Mount Woe falls, its gone for good).

The Millenial Fair
00 . New Game
03 . Crono gets out of bed
06 . Marle has lost her pendant
08 . Marle has joined Crono at the fair
0A . Visited Lucca's Telepod exhibit

The Queen Returns
0C . Marle disappeared into portal
0F . Met Marle masquerading as Queen Leene

The Queen is Gone
10 . Marle disappears beyond the boundaries of time
12 . Lucca arrives in past
15 . Seen through the guise of the nuns at the Cathedral
1B . Rescued Queen Leene
1C . Frog leaves Guardia throneroom in disgrace
21 . Marle rematerializes in the Queen's chambers
24 . Lucca opens the gate back to the present

We're Back!
27 . Arrived back in the present
2A . Detained for trial

The Trial
2D . Trial ends
2E . Lucca comes to break Crono out of prison
30 . Escape Guardia Castle

Beyond the Ruins
33 . Escape through Guardia Forest Portal
34 . Met the people of Arris Dome
35 . Exploring the lower levels of Arris Dome
36 . Discovered visual record of Day of Lavos
37 . Given seeds to people of Arris Dome

The Factory Ruins
3C . Setting out for the Factory Ruins
3F . Security system goes haywire
40 . Robo got creamed
42 . Defeated R Series
45 . Decided to leave via the Proto Dome portal
48 . Arrived at the End of Time

The End of Time
49 . Spoken to Gaspar
4A . Gaspar calls when trying to leave the first time
4B . Gaspar says to take a look in the room behind him
4C . Spekkio
4D . Learned magic

The Village of Magic
4E . Arrive in Medina
51 . Defeated Heckran

The Hero Appears
54 . Arrive in 600 AD to search for Magus
57 . Ozzie launches an attack on Zenan Bridge
5A . Ozzie summons Zombor

Tata and the Frog
5D . Met Tata on Denadoro Mts.
60 . Received Bent Sword
66 . Received Hero's Medal
69 . Received Bent Hilt

The Rare Red Rock
6C . Showed Melchior the broken Masamune
6F . Met Ayla
72 . Win soup race
75 . Awaken without Gate Key

Footsteps! Follow!
78 . Setting out to find Gate Key
7B . Find Kino in Forest Maze
7C . Defeated Nizbel
7D . Leaving Chief's Hut to return to the portal

The Masamune!
7E . Leaving Prehistoric times with Dreamstone
81 . Melchior reforges the Masamune
84 . Frog decides to face Magus
87 . Opened the Magic Cave

Magus' Castle
88 . Arrived at Castle Magus
89 . Ozzie Defeated
8A . Magus Defeated

Forward to the Past
8D . Arrive in Prehistoric times from Castle Magus Inner Sanctum
8E . Arrive at Laruba
90 . Meet Ayla at Dactyl Nest Summit

Unnatural Selection?
93 . Setting out for Tyrano Lair
96 . Defeated Reptite guards outside of Kino's cell
97 . Kino freed
98 . Kino opens fossil head
99 . Lavos falls to Earth

The Magic Kingdom
9F . Traveled to 12000 BC for first time
A2 . Watched Schala open door to Zeal throneroom
A5 . Charged pendant
A8 . Captured by Dalton

Break the Seal!
AB . Locked out of 12000 BC
AE . Acquired Epoch

The Guru on Mt.Woe
B1 . (Does not appear to be used, but marks the start of this chapter)
B4 . Fight the Mud Imp and his beasts
B7 . Mt Woe falls

What Lies Beyond?
BA . Dalton kidnaps Schala
BB . Melchior gives Crono the Ruby Knife

Lavos Beckons
BD . Defeated Dalton in Zeal throneroom
C3 . Queen demands Schala to raise power of Mammon Machine
C6 . Queen anticipates immortality nearing
C9 . Defeated GolemTwins
CB . Crono gets whacked
CC . Tidal Wave washes over land
CD . Awaken in Last Village

The New King
CF . Dalton attacks Last Village
D2 . Blackbird crashes

The Time Egg
D3 . Met Magus at North Cape
D4 . Black Omen rises

The Fated Hour
D5 . Received the Time Egg

The Final Battle
D6 . Destroyed the Black Omen

From: Offsets (Chrono Trigger)