Stats and Status Ailments (Chrono Cross)

General Information[edit]



  • HP - HP stands for hit points or health points, and tabulates a player character's life. Damage to the character reduce hit points, and when the count is at 0, the player faints and cannot be used in battle unless revived. The standard replenishing Elements are Tablet, Capsule, and Nostrum.
  • STA - STA stands for Stamina. All players start out with 7 stamina points; using elements reduces stamina in battle for the character actively participating in combat, while fighting physically raises it. While this character is fighting, the stamina of others will be replenished. If all characters have stamina in the red, their turn is forfeit to the enemy.


  • INNATE - This signifies the innate color of the character. An innate renders the character strong to attacks of that color and weak to attacks of its opposite.
  • STR - Measures base physical attack power.
  • ACC - Measures base Hit% (chance to hit) power in battle.
  • MAG - Measures base Elements attack power.
  • RES - Measures base defense against physical attacks.
  • AGI - Measures base ability to avoid attacks.
  • M.RES - Measures base defense against Elemental attacks.
  • STAMINA RECOVERY - Measures base Stamina recovery rate in battle.
  • STAR LEVEL - Measures how many level stars have been acquired.


  • ATK - Determines overall physical attack power.
  • DEF - Determines overall physical defense.
  • HIT% - Determines overall chance to hit during battle.
  • EVD% - Determines overall ability to evade attacks.
  • MGC - Determines overall magic attack power.
  • M.DEF - Determines overall magic defense.

Status Effects[edit]


  • BURNS - (Red) Physical defense is lowered in battle.
  • FLU - (Blue) Stamina recovery in battle is decreased, and characters walk in an errant motion outside of battle.
  • POISON - (Green) HP automatically decreases in battle, and outside of battle, decreases with each step taken.
  • SPRAIN - (Yellow) Physical attack is lowered in battle, and players cannot run outside of battle.


  • AFRAID - (Green) Enemies get more critical hits on characters.
  • ASLEEP - (White) Character cannot move or perform attacks temporarily.
  • CONFUSED - (Red) Character is uncontrollable in battle.
  • CURSED - (Black) Stamina depletes with damage received.
  • DARKNESS - (Black) Character's Hit% is cut in half.
  • DIZZY - (Yellow) Evade% is decreased.
  • FATIGUED - (White) Stamina decreases faster.
  • FROZEN - (Blue) - Character cannot move or perform attacks; game ends if all three are frozen.


  • ANTI-COLOR - Anti-Elements can be used to lock players from using Elements of a certain color.

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