Split of Dimensions

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

The Split of Dimensions occurred in 1010 A.D., and resulted in Home World fissioning off the Keystone Dimension, which was renamed Another World afterwards. The split is exceedingly enigmatic, and the mechanics behind it are a complete mystery. It was effected by Kid, who as part of Project Kid, traveled back in time from 1020 A.D. to save Serge at Opassa Beach, who had been drowned by Lynx. Somehow, the act of saving him or other machinations caused a seprate universe to split from the original, based on the difference of Serge's life. It is unknown why this act of time traveling by Kid is an exception to normal time traveling, which simply results in a new timeline with history's changes and the old one's disposal at the Darkness Beyond Time. In any event, it was undone by the Unification of Dimensions ten years later when the Time Devourer was defeated.

Theory and Analysis[edit]

This dating assumes that the split occurred in 1010 A.D. However, the issue of its timing, related time travel problems, and facts regarding Chronopolis make the date ambiguous and the issue a plot inconsistency overall.

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