Do people in the Chrono series have spirits and souls?


It would seem so, as the series is full of ghosts, spirits, and reference to "spiritual energy", including these:

Robo: It IS mysterious. I CAN sense spiritual energy from the Grandleon itself

When the party reforges the Masamune (using refined Dreamstone) at Melchior's pad, Robo notes spiritual energy emanating from the blade. Interesting, considering that an energy form that can be detected, comes from a blade made from Dreamstone, inhabited by two Dream beings.

Robo: It IS enormous, ridiculously so! I can measure a mighty spiritual energy.

This occurs when the Black Omen rises from the depths of the sea. The Black Omen is the source of the energy this time. Notably, within the Black Omen is the Mammon Machine, and presumably Lavos' power flows through the structure. In this instance, we potentially have a second link between spiritual energy and Dreamstone. Alternatively, it could be linked to the power of Lavos.

Robo: BUT perhaps if the Sylbird's energy and OUR spiritual energy became one.....

Here, Robo not only suggests that the party merge their individual power with the Epoch/Sylbird to break Lavos' shell, he also implies that he, too, possesses a factor of spiritual energy (OUR spiritual energy).

Robo: Energy such as I have never seen! Just as though it has amplified the power of the human spirit to a terrifying extent......!!

Occurs when the party fights against Lavos. While the term spiritual energy may not make an exact appearance (though it does in the US SNES release), I believe the message to be the same. Lavos maintains a staggering amount of spiritual force.

There are other references to spirit in the game as well, some about ghosts, and others that might be more fitting for this topic. Such as the aura-reading woman in Zeal making a remark about how the party maintains a peculiar spirit, and that they might use the art. She considers it primitive. An old man in Zeal comments on how the Mammon Machine, filled with Lavos Energy, is brimming with spirit.

The Dream Species may be a definite link. Another interesting avenue to explore is whether beings like Turnip created by dreams across dimensions possess spirits (which seem to be associated with sentience).

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Thanks to Dreamer Kinsurk