Sewer Access

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

DS Name: Abandoned Sewers
Era: 2300 A.D.
Music: Underground Sewer
Items: 600g, 1 Bolt Sword, 1 Rage Band
Enemies: Edger, Nereid, Rat
Bosses: Krawlie

The Sewer Access is a complex built before 1999 A.D. that harnessed the water flowing in a channel between two continents for sewage treatment. It remained the only way by foot to reach the continent of Death Peak in the ruined future. It is haunted by Krawlie and his cohorts, who menace the area. Travel is accomplished by triggering certain bridges and doors; the Bullfrogs make an appearance here to demonstrate the methodology.




From: Locations (Chrono Trigger)