Rise of Zeal

General Information[edit]

Era: Before 12000 B.C.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Presumably after the Frozen Flame Contact in 3000000 B.C., human society began to fragment with those abilitated in magic forming their own society. At some point, the artifact known as the Sun Stone was located; with this power source, many other humans with recessive magic traits were able to use the craft, and began forging a better life. The specifics are unclear, but the new Enlightened Ones presumably refounded human settlement on the outside world during the Ice Age, laboring at the skill of magic and creating society anew. This new civilization was named the Kingdom of Zeal. Eventually, magic allowed the entire raising of islands into the air; the earthen foundations of Zeal soon took flight, and the Enlightened Ones became rulers of the heavens. Humanity was uplifted to heights not to be seen for thousands of years again, and the powers of magic were deeply explored.

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