Reptite War

General Information[edit]

Era: 65000000 B.C.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The Reptite War was a prolonged conflict between the Early Humans and the Reptites, with the settlement Ioka actively fighting the latter group. Reptite civilization was formed before the early humans founded theirs; at some point in the development of the two societies, a conflict arose over control of resources and the groups began warring. The Reptites' hardiness and intellectual abilities made them difficult to beat; additionally, they commanded outposts protected by natural defenses -- for instance, the Reptite Lair was only accessible through a Forest Maze, and the Tyrano Lair was completely elevated off the ground. The fighting was not continuous, as each group was given to launching raids on the other. While the Iokans mounted a good defense against the creatures, the Larubans completely withdrew to the northern forests to escape the warfare. This was a problem somewhat, as only through the flying Dactyls could the Tyrano Lair be reached, and the Larubans alone could control the Dactyls. It is unknown how long the war initially progressed before Crono arrived in 65000000 B.C. searching for Dreamstone. After he arrived, chief Ayla threw a party for him at the Ioka Meeting Site. The Reptites took the opportunity to loot the site and steal the Gate Key, prompting the sack of the Reptite Lair by Crono and Ayla soon after. The Reptites launched a devastating raid days later, burning Laruba to the ground and abducting Kino and others. Crono and Ayla once again undertook a rescue operation, ascending the Tyrano Lair with Dactyls and even challenging Azala atop the structure. Lavos soon impacted the planet, however, pushing the lair deep beneath the planet's crust and ushering in an Ice Age that would eradicate the remaining Reptites. This formally ended the fighting; the humans turned to survival and fled to the caves.

Chrono Cross[edit]

In the Reptite Dimension, the Reptites eventually won the war and came to inherit the planet. This suggests that in the long run, the intelligence of the Reptites was too much for the raw muscle of Ioka.

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