Reptite Timeline

General Information[edit]

The Reptite Timeline flows within the Reptite Dimension, in which Lavos presumably never crashed into the planet, and Reptites defeated the Early Humans. They evolved to become Dragonians, and eventually constructed Dinopolis and the Dragon God, a cybernetic organism capable of controlling nature. Dinopolis was eventually shunted to the Keystone Dimension to balance Chronopolis's introduction to the past.

Since there is only one timeline for this dimension, "Reptite Dimension" links to this entry.


*** by a point means that a footnote is provided at the end of the timeline.
'-' means that an event succeeds everything above it, while a series of
'*'s mean that it is unknown which event occurred before the other.
'-U-' means that this event is dated according to Ultimania, a flawed guide for
Chrono Cross written in Japan that may nonetheless have some credibility.

=>65000000 B.C.

-History of this dimension is largely unknown; Lavos almost certainly doesn't
-Reptites conquer the early humans.

=>65000000 B.C. to 2400 A.D.

-Reptites evolve into Dragonians.
-Dragonians build society closely related to nature.
*Dinopolis is built.
*The Dragon God is created, a biological machine used to control nature.

=>2400 A.D.

-Dinopolis is pulled to the Keystone T-2 to serve as a counter-balance for
Chronopolis's introduction to the past.
-With the Dragon God, Dinopolis, and the moon suddenly disappearing, the
Dragonian society probably underwent perilous times.

From: Chronology
From: Theory (Principles of Timelines and Dimensions)