Reign of Dalton

General Information[edit]

Era: 12000 B.C.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

The Reign of Dalton was a short period in the Keystone Timelines in which Dalton, during the Fall of Zeal, seized the Blackbird and proceeded to declare himself king over Last Village. He abducted the remaining friends of Crono (who was dead at the time) and interred them on the Blackbird, leaving his guards to command with fear the residents of the village. The throne Dalton would take was to be the Epoch, renamed the "Aero-Dalton Imperial" by The reign was short-lived, as Crono's friends broke out of their prison and defeated Dalton on his air throne. The Blackbird was destroyed in the process, and the remaining soldiers of Dalton on the ground cursed their old commander and mingled with the Earthbound and Enlightened Ones.

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