Red Gate (Creation of)


Who created the Red Gate that allowed Lara to be saved?


Entity Creation[edit]

The Entity created the Red Gate. Its interest was piqued by the discussion held on its identity just prior, and sensing Lucca's regret, created a Gate for her to correct her error in history. Lucca would be otherwise unable to remedy her past through a sidequest (as Frog confronts Cyrus, Marle makes amends with her father, Robo visits the Geno Dome, etc.), so the use of the Entity is convenient deus ex machina.

Benevolence Adjunct[edit]


It is not all that improbable that the Entity was showing benevolence to the party, for 'healing' a large patch of the land. Consider the following:

  • Desert - a patched of scorched Earth. Life does not prosper here. The common picture of the skull in the sand comes to mind.
  • Forest - Luscious, healthy, life in abundance.
  • Stumpy Lara - continuous state sadness, regret, depression. Does not contribute to a healthy happy life.
  • Long-legged Lara - happy, 'full of life', feeling sexy for Taban

Simply put,

  • Desert - Bad
  • Forest - Good
  • No legs - Bad
  • Yes Legs - Good

You scratch the Entities back, and it could scratch yours too. As for why it picked Lucca, as far as we know she had the toughest childhood out of them all, so she is deserving of such a chance to correct that tragic event. And for the red color of the Gate, that could be explained as the Entity reaching for Lucca, by calling to her innate Fire (which usually is red, among other similar colors) abilities.

Lucca Creation[edit]

Presumably, the Entity was able to create Gates and change history out of tremendous feeling. Perhaps Lucca created the Red Gate by her huge regret, and exploited it with the Gate Key. Though this theory is wounded by the fact that nowhere is any evidence given that humans can create Gates naturally, and though advanced shadow magic might have that effect, even the Gurus don't have that ability. It is nonetheless canon that a human in Chrono Cross dreamt up a physical being named Turnip on the outside world. Perhaps, like Turnip, this Red Gate was made through the power of feeling, and is an extremely special case.

From: Theory (Time and Dimensions)