Rainbow Equipment

Unlocking Rainbow Equipment[edit]

There are many requirements to forging rainbow equipment in Chrono Cross. First, you must undertake the following actions:

  • Note: During the six dragons chapter, DO NOT talk to the Black Dragon in Marbule (Another) until you've done the above actions. Otherwise, you will not be able to forge rainbow equipment in the current game.

Any time after you reach Termina (Home), go to Zappa's Smithy and get Zappa to join your party.

After defeating the Sage of Marbule, go to Nikki's ship and you will learn of his plans to save Marbule. Irenes will now join your party. You must do this step after defeating the Sage of Marbule, or you may lock yourself out of rainbow equipment for the entire playthrough!

You can't do anything further in this quest until Fargo joins your party. Once he's done so, bring him to Home's Fargo and he will commandeer the S.S. Zelbess and sail it to Marbule. After Nikki performs, Fargo will gain his Lv. 7 Tech, Invincible, and you will have to defeat all the Lagoonates on the island. Once you've done so, you should hear a dragon's roar.

Once you've started the six dragons chapter, go to Marbule (Another) and defeat the Black Dragon (Don't forget to steal the Black Plate). Be sure your party has at least one character who isn't a demi-human (I recommend Fargo, as he can steal); I've heard that if your party is composed entirely of demi-humans, the Black Dragon may not fight you.

After defeating FATE, return to Marbule (Home), and go to the cave where the Black Dragon was in Another. Talk to a man there, and buy the Master Hammer from him for 10,000G.

Equip Zappa with the Master Hammer. Go to Termina (Another) and talk to Another's Zappa in his shop. Both Zappas will forge a Rainbow Axe. You don't get to keep this axe, but from now on, you can forge rainbow equipment in the Smith Spirit shop.

To forge rainbow equipment, you need two special types of materials: A Rainbow Shell, and shiny materials. Rainbow Shells are found in various places throughout the game. To get shiny materials, you must defeat an enemy with a summon element, and they will drop the shiny material that corresponds to the element of the summon you used. All rainbow equipment requires a Shiny Dew (Blue), a Shiny Ember (Red), a Shiny Leaf (Green), and a Shiny Sand (Yellow). All but the Prism Vest and Prism Helmet also require a Shiny Salt (White) and Shiny Soot (Black).

Rainbow Weapons[edit]

Rainbow Armor[edit]

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