Radical Dreamers Timeline

General Information[edit]

The Radical Dreamers Timeline flows within the Radical Dreamers Dimension, whose branch from the original Keystone Dimension is unknown. The possible differences include the apparent death of Crono, who apparently was not revived after the Ocean Palace Incident, and stated use of the Frozen Flame in Zeal (Chrono Cross does not state it directly, though it does imply the Flame played a role in Zeal's destruction).

Since there is only one timeline for this dimension, "Radical Dreamers Dimension" links to this entry.


*** by a point means that a footnote is provided at the end of the timeline.
'-' means that an event succeeds everything above it, while a series of
'*'s mean that it is unknown which event occurred before the other.
'-U-' means that this event is dated according to Ultimania, a flawed guide for
Chrono Cross written in Japan that may nonetheless have some credibility.

=>65000000 B.C.

-A piece of Lavos splinters off during the crash; this comes to be known as
the Frozen Flame.

=>12000 B.C.

-Melchior, in addition to forging the Masamune, probably forges the
-The Frozen Flame is involved with Zeal in some manner, possibly being used
inside the Mammon Machine with Schala as its Arbiter.
-Zeal is destroyed; Schala survives the incident and is plagued with guilt.
-The Frozen Flame alters Schala, unaging her and send her to modern times.

=>12000 B.C. to 1000 A.D.

-The Frozen Flame is presumably kept by Guardia.

=>1000 A.D.

-Magus departs to 12000 B.C. and probably learns of Kid's existence.

=>Post-1000 A.D.

-Guardia falls, presumably to Porre.
*Crono presumably dies.
*General Viper comes into possession of the Frozen Flame.
-Schala appears in this era as an infant.
*Kid is taken in by Lucca.
-Lucca gives Kid a Time Egg, believed to be the Chrono Trigger. Lucca tells
Kid to acquire the Frozen Flame someday so that she may place it on her dead
friend's grave. These two facts imply that her dead friend is Crono, and that
his party, despite defeating Lavos, never used the Chrono Trigger to revive

=>Post-1000 A.D., 4-5 Years Before Radical Dreamers

-Lynx murders Lucca.
-Kid infiltrates Viper Manor in an attempt at revenge.
-Kid is caught, and Magil rescues her.

=>Post-1000 A.D., Pre-Radical Dreamers

-Viper Manor is built over remains of Zeal, interred underground.
-General Viper fathers Riddel.
-Esmeld becomes briefly involved with Riddel.
*Magus disguises himself as Magil.
*A Porre spy works at the Manor.
-Lynx befriends General Viper.
*Lynx launches a coup that results in the capture of Viper Manor and possession
of the Frozen Flame.
-General Viper and presumably Devas (Merkid, Gorba) perish, while one man, a
traitor, survives.
-Lynx adopts Riddel as his daughter.
-Magil begins accompanying Kid.
-Serge becomes a drifter and musician.
-Serge meets Kid in Regiorra.
-Porre begins readying an assault on Viper Manor.

=>Post-1000 A.D., Radical Dreamers

-Kid, Serge, and Magil break into Viper Manor.
-Kid confronts Lynx.
-Her Chrono Trigger shatters.
-Serge, and possibly the others, is thrown into a temporal disruption.
-Kid remembers that she is Schala.
-Lynx escapes the cavern as Porre soldiers assume control of it.
-Magil and Kid escape, and Serge is left alone.

=>Post-1000 A.D., Post-Radical Dreamers

-Serge recounts the events of Radical Dreamers in a diary.
-Serge's grandson reads the diary, and possibly embarks on an adventure to
explore Viper Manor.
-The events of Radical Dreamers are repeated endlessly in similar dimensions.

From: Chronology
From: Theory (Principles of Timelines and Dimensions)