Radical Dreamers Secret Credits Scene

General Information[edit]

If one beats Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers in the Chrono Cross HD remastered edition, a new credits scene is accessible from the main menu. It is unfortunately so vague as to be almost utterly without context or meaning; it seemingly is written from the perspective of Magus, Magil, or Guile, shortly before a final battle. It appears to make the most sense if read from the perspective of Guile, who alludes to losing his memories and sense of self, which hearkens back to Magus's actions in the Chrono Trigger DS ending versus (where he's implied to voluntarily erase his memories and seek a new identity). Nonetheless, Guile has a golden mask, while the passage below refers to a silver mask, leaving this scene more confusing than anything else.

A video can be found here.

The time was near - the final battle awaited.
There, alone in the shadows, the man lingered.
His partners, a young man and a young woman,
had already made their preparations, and were
waiting for him at the place they had agreed upon.

Their foe was a fearsome opponent indeed.
Would the three of them be able to defeat him?
There was only one way to find out.
All the better - what fun is a battle
whose outcome is all but certain.

The man reached a hand to his mask-
silver and unembellished,
save for a few subtle details.

It had been many long years
since he last revealed his face.

Did he wear the mask to hide himself from others?
Or did he wear it to hide from himself?

Enough time had passed that
not even he was sure anymore.

But it didn't matter now.
The end was coming - an end to everything.
Soon, his long days of wandering would be over.
So too would the girl's ill-fated, fleeting existence.

How many years had passed?
How many centuries?
How much love and prayer,
how much hatred and rancor,
how much despair and resignation,
had slowly and silently fallen over him,
piling up like snow?

On that fated day, long, long ago...
everything that he was had vanished...
Faded away into nothingness...
without so much as a whimper...

There was nothing he could have done to stop it...

But one memory stayed with him,
even after everything else fell away.
One unforgettable image...

That kingdom of winds, forever lost...

Those blessed days in a paradise above the clouds...

And that face... Her gentle, bitter-sweet smile...

Perhaps his time behind the mask
was coming to an end...

His icy gaze seemed to thaw for a moment-
and then he sprang to action.

The moonlight flashed across the mask's surface.
His silvery hair flowed behind him,
reaching out like the tail of a coment.

"The time has come, o fated star-
the king has returned."

And with that... he vanished into the darkness.

Though a life may end, a story lives on.
Not forever, perhaps, but...

What's eternity...

... compared to this moment in time?


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