Queen Aliza

General Information[edit]

Game Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Full Name: Queen Aliza Guardia
Age: Indeterminate
Species: Human
Home Time: 1000 A.D.
Home Area: Guardia Castle

Queen Aliza is Marle's mother and wife to King Guardia XXXIII. She passed away when Marle was still a young child; this was a great cause of grief for the King, who became distant and somewhat ignorant of Marle's needs. Yakra XIII insinuated that the King did not stay with her during her death, but this is a falsehood; Guardia did hear her last words, which instructed the king to welcome Marle's beloved with open arms. His recalling these words effectively reopened his relationship with Marle, who forgave him unconditionally.

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Translation: Queen Ariche

Name Origin[edit]

Aliza is Hebrew for joyous.

From: Characters (Chrono Trigger)