This page will be a summary of the data known about Provoke.

Tech Number[edit]

0A - Provoke

Animations and Sounds[edit]

Provoke uses Animation Packet 0A.

In an unheadered ROM this is located at 0E106F, it extends to address E10AA

Here is it's HEX:

90 80 80 00 7B 10 B3 2A 8F 10 85 09 02 1A 20 14 02 24 20 0A 36 20 0A 03 13 03 03 24 02 2E 01 00 07 02 00 60 00 1B 00 24 01 20 19 7A 8B 00 20 0F 7A 8B 00 20 0F 7A 8B 00 20 14 36 00

Here's the decoded version:

Caster Objects:
	Object 1
		Play Animation (Loop) (1A) // Marle's giggle.
		Pause for 14
		Play Animation (Loop) (24) // Marle's spin.
		Pause for 0A
		Increment Counter 1D Flow Control
		Pause for 0A
		Play Animation (Once) (13) // Marle's butt 
		Play Animation (Once) (03) // Standard battle 
		Wait for Counter 1D Flow Control to reach 02 
                  // Change to value of 03 to enable target 
		Unknown 2E // A reset command of some sort.
		End Tech (01) // Terminate tech processing.
Target Objects
	Object 2 // This section is never processed because 
                    it's the only portion using Counter 1C. 
                    If enabled, it plays a glitchy animation 
                    on the target.
		Wait for Counter 1C Flow Control to reach 01 
                 // Change to 1D Flow Control to enable.
		Pause for 0F
		Play Sound 45, Unknown: 00
		Wait for Counter 1D Flow Control to reach 03 // Change to value of 02 to enable.
		Play Animation (Once) (24)
		Play Animation (First Frame Only) (03) // Standard battle pose.
		Increment Counter 1D Flow Control
Effect Objects
	Object 3
		Speed: Default // Everything between this comment and the next is probably 
		Play Animation (Loop) (00)
		Set Palette to 00
		Move Object: Teleport to 03 - Target // They relate to moving an effect, but this is 
                                                        just a sound object.
		Wait for Counter 1D Flow Control to reach 01
		Pause for 19
		Play Sound 8B, Unknown: 00 // Chirp sound.
		Pause for 0F
		Play Sound 8B, Unknown: 00 // Chirp sound.
		Pause for 0F
		Play Sound 8B, Unknown: 00 // Chirp sound.
		Pause for 14
		Increment Counter 1D Flow Control

MP Cost[edit]

  • Located at byte 0x0C2545 one byte
  • Original is 1

Who it Affects[edit]

  • Located at byte 0x0C1ADF it is 2 bytes
  • Originally affect one enemy

Control Header[edit]

AI Properties[edit]

Magical Attack: True (Enemies that have a general magic counter will respond)
Physical Attack: False

Attack Type[edit]

Enemy vs Enemy Tech: False (It's a player tech, so no)
Player Attack: False (It's a tech)
Tech: True (It's a tech)


Performance Group: Marle (Only Marle participates)


Element: None (This is only used on damaging techs)
Element Unknown 01: False
Element Unknown 08: False


Effect Header / MP Cost 1: 0A (Used)
Effect Header / MP Cost 2: 00 (Unused)
Effect Header / MP Cost 3: 00 (Unused)

Hit Effects[edit]

Hit Effect 1: None
Hit Effect 2: None
Hit Effect 3: None


Ignore Hit and Evade: False
Ignore Failure Conditions: False


Unknown 1.07: 00
Unknown 2.0F: 00
Unknown 2.20: False

Effect Header[edit]

This starts at 0xC21B7, it's 12 bytes long


Tech Mode: 02 Status Impact (First Byte)
Status Type: Negative Status (Second Byte)

Status Inflicted (Third Byte)[edit]

Blind: False (Bit 01)
Confuse: True (Bit 04)
HP Drain: False (Bit 0x10)
Lock: False (Bit 8)
Poison: False (Bit 0x40)
Sleep: False (Bit 2)
Stop: False (Bit 0x80)
Slow: False (Bit 0x20)

Animation (Twelfth Byte)[edit]

Has Miss Animation: False (This plays a separate animation if it misses)
Unknown B.40: False (Definitely an animation related value)

Failure Conditions (Eleventh Byte)[edit]

Enemy can't be moved (Rock Throw): False
Enemy can't be moved (Slurp Cut): False
Enemy dodges physical attacks: False
Enemy is airborne: False
Enemy Unused 14.01: False
Enemy Unused 14.08: False
Enemy Unused 14.10: False


Ignore Barrier Status: False (Eighth byte)
Ignore Hit and Evade: False (Eighth byte)
Ignore Shield Status: True (Not that it matters) (Eighth byte)
Load Weapon Effect: False (Ninth byte)

Damage (Ninth byte)[edit]

Damage Modifier: 0 (Not that it matters)

Stealing (Eighth byte)[edit]

Has Steal Chance: False (This was designed to be a function like Final Fantasy's Mug, but is incomplete)

Success Chance[edit]

Base Chance: 50 (Sixth byte)
Bonus Chance: 0 (Magic divided by this is the bonus) (Seventh Byte)

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