Prometheus Circuit (Function)


Why does killing Serge disable the Prometheus Circuit? As a refresher, the circuit kicks in once Serge makes contact with the Frozen Flame, locking out anyone else unless (or until) Serge dies. How does this work?

The sequence of events seems to be:

  • 1006 — Serge makes contact with the Frozen Flame, becomes Arbiter. FATE loses access to the Flame.
  • 1010 — Lynx attempts to drown Serge. Kid's intervention creates dimensional split. Prometheus circuit remains active.
  • 101? — Lynx and Harle abduct Lucca, but fail to deactivate the Prometheus circuit. FATE waits for Serge to cross the dimensions.
  • 1020 — Playable events of the game.
  • Unknown point in the future — Kid travels back in time to rescue Serge.

It appears Kid saving Serge is what kept the Prometheus Circuit locked in Home World, even though Serge technically "died" in that world.


Quantum Entanglement[edit]


The circuit functions using some kind of quantum entanglement, where it can detect if Serge is alive or dead remotely.

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