Post-1000 A.D., Pre-Radical Dreamers

Radical Dreamers Timeline[edit]

-Viper Manor is built over remains of Zeal, interred underground.
-General Viper fathers Riddel.
-Esmeld becomes briefly involved with Riddel.
*Magus disguises himself as Magil.
*A Porre spy works at the Manor.
-Lynx befriends General Viper.
*Lynx launches a coup that results in the capture of Viper Manor and possession
of the Frozen Flame.
-General Viper and presumably Devas (Merkid, Gorba) perish, while one man, a
traitor, survives.
-Lynx adopts Riddel as his daughter.
-Magil begins accompanying Kid.
-Serge becomes a drifter and musician.
-Serge meets Kid in Regiorra.
-Porre begins readying an assault on Viper Manor.

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