Ozzie (Monster)

General Information[edit]

For biographical information, see Ozzie. For the battle in Ozzie's Fort, see Mystical Knights. With BronzeFist or codes, Ozzie's ice form can be beaten, but the player still must target the chains and trigger the trap doors to defeat him.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 600 A.D.
Home Area: Magus's Lair, Ozzie's Fort

Zenan Bridge[edit]

Level: 12
Attacks: Lightning
Charm: None
Item Won: None


HP: 762
Attack: 0
Defense: 127
Magic: 10
Magic Defense: 100
Speed: 12
Stamina: 10
Evade: 9
Hit: 100
TP: 2
Exp: 30
Gold: 100
Absorbs: None
Resists: None
Cancels: All
Weakness: None

Final Fantasy Chronicles Strategy: Ignore all of the Deceased around him and attack Ozzie. Once all three characters attack him, Ozzie's spell will break and you'll win regardless of HP.

Magus's Lair[edit]

Level: 23
Attacks: Counter: Barrier Bomber, HP up
Charm: None
Item Won: None


HP: 1000
Attack: 1
Defense: 255
Magic: 1
Magic Defense: 100
Speed: 1
Stamina: 10
Evade: 12
Hit: 100
TP: 0
Exp: 0
Gold: 0
Absorbs: None
Resists: All 50%
Cancels: None
Weakness: None

Final Fantasy Chronicles Strategy: Instead of attacking Ozzie, attack the other targets around him. This will trigger trap doors to open, but don't worry about them.



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