November 13, 2006 - Eminence Interview with Yasunori Mitsuda

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Yasunori Mitsuda - Composer, Arranger, Producer

You are currently working on quite a few things at the moment, including Nintendo DS games, a PlayStation 2 game and Wii game. Can you tell us any more about these titles or what music we can expect from them?[edit]

Mainly, I'm composing orchestral themes (some are rock) for a PS2 game "Armodyne". This is an SLG game that will be released in February 2007 in Japan. I can't talk about the DS games since they're not announced yet, but I'm composing ethnic scores for which I can make use of my features.

The Chrono Cross Arrange Album has been in development for quite some time now. Can you reveal to eager fans of any information concerning some of the track titles, musicians or arrangement style we can expect to find?[edit]

I'm going to release a Chrono Cross arranged album basically with Japanese musicians. I nearly decided who to employ in my mind, but it's still kept a secret (laughs). The direction of this album is national-less, which I'm best at. It will be an album with many factors, so please look forward to it.

You're serving as a musical producer and co-composer for the game 'Luminous Arc', alongside fellow employee Shota Kageyama, Akari Kaida and Kazumi Mitome. How did you find yourself working with these people on this title? Who can be considered the "main composer"? What style will the music be?[edit]

When I was offered 'Luminous Arc', I came to finish this project with some other composers since I was so busy and had a severe schedule. So, I contacted Kazumi Mitome who is my musical mate, saying "can you join"� Also, while I wanted to work with new people, Kaida contacted me in time, so I�m like "Let's work together", and it had gone well. Regarding Kegeyama, he just joined Procyon Studio at that time, and I asked him to join thinking it could also be a lesson for him. I composed just 1 or 2 tracks by myself this time because I thought the important task was to organize these 3 composers together well.

You have attended and even performed in many different live events in Japan, and you were even invited to the premier 'Play! A Video Game Symphony' event in Chicago. What is the most satisfactory thing about attending these events? Are you surprised with the amount of international acclaim you have overseas?[edit]

What surprised me the most was no less people from overseas heard my music, and it pleased me so much at the same time. As video games have been getting less popular in Japan but have an exciting time abroad, I think they'll have more chance to hear my music. It's quite wonderful and it can make me more fun and challenging.

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