Mystic Army

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General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Based: Magus's Lair, Ozzie's Fort, Heckran Cave
Era: 600 A.D., 1000 A.D.
Leaders: Magus, Ozzie, Heckran

The Mystic Army comprises the military branch of the Mystics, and for a time during the Mystic War, was apparently the only way of life for members of the race. Based at a powerful and imposing lair on the continent of Medina, it was composed of an assortment of Mystics of all types, including Goblins, Imps, Free Lancers, Henches, Diablos, Omnicrones, and a bevy of other fighters, including fallen Guardian warriors brought back to life as undead combatants. While the race that produced Ozzie probably led the Mystics from after Zeal fell to the Middle Ages, the most powerful leader of the army was Magus, who was recruited as a small child. Even after his instatement as leader, Magus seemed to only truly fulfill a charismatic role as leader (he was busy attempting to summon Lavos, and Ozzie directed attacks in the field. As the Mystics alone had access to magic in the times after the Fall of Zeal, the Mystic Army was based around magical warfare. In striking at Human settlements, the Mystic Army would open the Magic Cave and conduct offensive operations. If resistance proved too great, the Army could easily retreat to the Medina continent and seal off the cave to the human defenders.

As a result, central Zenan become hotly disputed as the Mystic Army would attack and pull back with raids. While the Mystic Army apparently never burned Porre or Dorino to the ground, it is probable that at times, these cities were at the whim of the Mystics as they were prone to being cut off from Guardia Castle. A particularly damaging attack moderately wounded King Guardia XXI and rendered Zenan Bridge useless in 600 A.D.; after it was repaired, the Mystic Army launched a fullscale attack on the Kingdom of Guardia and attempted to cross the bridge. The Knights of the Square Table (with some later assistance from Crono) managed to repel the invasion, though Guardia suffered casualties. After beating a retreat, the Mystic Army would never again step foot on Zenan; the main base of operations -- Magus's Lair -- was brought down soon after, and the remaining soldiers dispersed in Ozzie's Fort and eventually founded the city of Medina. The Mystic Army itself would be retired, as Ozzie's line came to perform a civil role as elder of Medina (though Crono's changing history reduced this status to mere janitorial servitude). The Army did survive somewhat, as a Heckran continued to harbor a direct grudge with humans and maintain his own force of Jinn Bottles, Octobinos and Evilweevils. This force was limited to Heckran Cave, however, and was totally eradicated in 1000 A.D. by Crono.

The military heirarchy of the Mystic Army is as follows:

  • Leader (Ozzie, later Magus)
  • Elite (Ozzie, Slash, and Flea)
  • Unique Warriors (Yakra, Zombor, Retinite)
  • General Army

Japanese Equivalent[edit]

Translation: Maougun

Name Origin[edit]

(Magus's Army; no US ver. term) The Demon King and his army warring with the humans is a common motif in many anime, manga, and pop-culture. It is a reference to Buddhism. In Buddhism, the word Maougun refers either to a literal army of demons, or is a figurative term. Either way, it refers to obstacles which undermine enlightenment in Buddhism. In modern literature and pop-culture, it is an allegory to the Buddhist struggle for purity and enlightenment, with the humans symbolizing the Buddhists, and the Demon King and his army symbolizing every obstacle that hinders Buddhism.

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