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Complete Track List[edit]

All tracks composed by Yasunori Mitsuda.

Note that if you are looking for Radical Dreamers remixes, several tracks from Radical Dreamers were incorporated or directly placed into the Chrono Cross soundtrack by Yasunori Mitsuda. In terms of incorporation without direct placement, Far Promise ~ Dream Shore appears in 7. On the Beach of Dreams ~ Another World ~, 59. The Dream that Time Dreams, and Epilogue ~ Dream Shore's opening few notes appear in 56. Jellyfish Sea. If you're looking for the game's instrumentation samples, get them here: Radical Dreamers SFC.

Click on a track to view which albums it appears on and its existing remixes and arrangements. These tracks were never given official titles in-game (the Sound Test was created by Demiforce, and wasn't in the original game). In the Japanese community, they are popularly known via the names given to them on Ms. Kotoi's fan site.

1. Summer Day
2. Under The Moonlight
3. Strange Presentiment
4. Sneaking Around
5. Gale
6. Viper Mansion
7. The Girl Who Stole the Stars
8. Far Promise ~ Dream Shore
9. Requiem ~ Dream Shore
10. Frozen Flame
11. Portal to Open Grounds
12. Facing
13. Final Confrontation
14. Epilogue ~ Dream Shore
15. Ending ~ Le Trésor Interdit
16. Dungeon Ambience
17. Footsteps Ambience
18. Forest Ambience
19. Industrial Ambience
20. Poltergeist Ambience
21. Ratchet Ambience
22. River Ambience
23. Wind Ambience
24. Huh? (Sound Effect)

Official Releases[edit]

To Far Away Times: Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrangement Album[edit]

TFAT Cover.jpg

Compact Disc (42:32), Vinyl LP

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Tomohiko Kira, Sachiko Miyano, Kumi Tanioka, Yasunori Mitsuda, Laura Shigihara, Natsumi Kameoka, Kazune Ogihara
Performed by: EKS Masters Orchestra (Tsunehiro Shigyo, Masahide Denda, Yoshitaka Hirooka, Mizue Akaike, Kimiko Nakagawa, Koji Suzuki, Kozue Harada, Naoko Umae, Kota Nagahara, Eri Takimura, Tetsuo Tsushima, Ayumu Koshikawa, Naoko Wakatabi, You Mashiko, Takahiro Enokido, Sachiko Suda, Taku Koike, Mayuko Takagi, Tomoya Kikuchi, Wataru Mukai, Rentaro Tomioka, Shiori Shimizu, Koji Akaike, Koichi Yonenaga), Millennial Fair (Koko Komine, Sarah Àlainn, Laura Shigihara, Akio Noguchi, Akihisa Tsuboy, Yuka Fujino, Tomohiko Kira, Natsuki Kido, Kumi Tanioka, Chiaki Umeda, AKIRA, Hitoshi Kusunoki, Yasunori Mitsuda)
Lyrics by: Koko Komine, Sarah Àlainn, Laura Shigihara
Release: October 14, 2015
Catalogue: SQEX-10501 (VGMdb Listing, LP Listing)

This is the fabled Chrono Cross arranged album announced in January 2005. In December 2008, Yasunori Mitsuda posted one track to Procyon Studio for preview. Click the track below to download. It was finally released in 2015 with tracks from Chrono Trigger as well.

Mitsuda left words to fans in the insert:

Come to think of it, I've wanted to make an album like this for a while now. Of course, it didn't always have a title like To Far Away Times. When Chrono Cross was released, I wondered, "What happened to Kid, or Schala, after the ending? Was she able to cross time and meet Serge?" I was sure the players felt the same way. The characters, each with his or her own grand story to tell, are what make the Chrono series unique. Kid and Schala, however, were particularly prominent characters in both games and are very special to me; so, for a long time, I wanted to reapproach them from a musical standpoint. The Chrono Cross soundtrack has three discs entitled "Cause," "Unveiling," and "Change," and I dreamed of one day adding another called "Connection" as Kid and Schala's album. That dream has at last been realized here as To Far Away Times. This album, connected to my own feelings towards Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, has finally given me closure. Kid's journey doesn't end here, though. It transcends time and continues on into eternity. Until the day we meet again, Kid.

Track List

  1. Time's Scar 4:47
  3. Wind Scene 4:28
  4. Schala's Theme 4:07
  5. The Frozen Flame 3:21
  6. Marbule 4:01
  7. The Bend of Time 3:35
  8. Corridors of Time 3:54
  9. On The Other Side / Epilogue ~ To Good Friends 4:12
  10. To Far Away Times 4:36

Purchase (3,240 Yen for the CD)

Note that a vinyl LP was also released (VGMdb page).



Chrono Cross - The Radical Dreamers Edition Vinyl[edit]

5733625c9a493a63b97e36fa60a92456 640 640.jpg

Vinyl EP (13:24; 16:48)

Composed by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Arranged by: Yasunori Mitsuda
Performed by: Aisling McGlynn, Dreamers' Circus
Release: June 22, 2022
Catalogue: SQEX-10936 (VGMdb Listing)

Track List

Side A

  1. Dreams of the Past, Memories of My Soul 3:14
  2. CHRONO CROSS -Scars of Time- 3:24
  3. A Dream Never Forgotten 3:48
  4. A Vow of Wind and Dreams 2:58

Side B

  1. Sailing (Another World) 4:09
  2. Termina (Another World) 3:27
  3. Bound by Fate 4:33
  4. Fossil Valley 4:39


Square $42.99

Unofficial Releases[edit]

.spc Rips[edit]

What is an .spc?

An SPC700 sound file (or SPC) is a type of video game music file consisting of a copy of a program and music data from RAM used by the SPC700 sound chip on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or Super Famicom (though such data is usually obtained from a console emulator such as ZSNES or Snes9x, rather than from the system itself). The SPC700 chip (or emulator thereof) produces sound by executing the embedded program, which processes the stored music data and transforms them to a set of DSP commands responsible for reproducing sounds. The capabilities of the SPC700 DSP commands allow for music synthesis by samples (analogous to MOD or IT music playback); therefore it is possible to store, in only 64 kilobytes worth of data, music which, if stored as a digital audio waveform (eg. the format used in CDs), might take up several megabytes.

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.spc players can be found at SNESAmp is the recommended choice.


Mathew Valente (tssf) Restoration (Synthetic Origins)[edit]

This is the definitive restoration, and covers all tracks from Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers. You can download this (and his other work, including FF4, FF5, and FF6) on Google Drive.

If Google Drive goes down, let me know and I'll upload the Final Fantasy stuff somewhere. For the time being, here is the Compendium's backup of the Chrono Trigger/Radical Dreamers restoration:

Albums and Doujins[edit]

See: Albums and Doujins


Chrono Compendium[edit]

These are remixes which have fallen outside the major sites or were personally submitted to the Compendium.

6. Viper Mansion

7. The Girl Who Stole the Stars

8. Far Promise ~ Dream Shore

10. Frozen Flame

14. Epilogue ~ Dream Shore

15. Ending ~ Le Trésor Interdit


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2: 'Running After You' by Darangen

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13: 'Radical ChronoGears' by Ivan Hakstok

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19: 'Far Promise - Dream Shore' by Somewhere in Time

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1st 'Run to Forever' by Ivan Hakštok
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