Monsters (Chrono Cross)

Thanks to Action Mystic for tirelessly compiling the Element Grids for Doppelganged characters. Three things are of note:

  • Enemy Gender influences HP:

Male: HP +5%, has a "♂" beside the name.
Female: HP -5%, has a "♀" beside the name.
Stealing skills have double success rate and the chance to steal rare items is also doubled when the stealer has opposite gender to the enemy.

  • Enemy Action Points level determines the delay between actions.
  • Enemies have types vulnerable to different weapons; view aggregate listings here.
  • You can view an easily-searched table of enemy Element grids here.
  • Enemy group possibilities are stored in a list here.

Check out utunnels' Chrono Cross Model Viewer for the in-game models of each enemy, including their animations! Find it here.



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