Material Requiring Translation

The following documents need to be translated to achieve a greater understanding of the Chrono series. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Your work will be invaluable in helping us crack the last few mysteries whose answers have been forever barred from Western audiences.

  • Priority List

We're prioritizing the items below in this order. If you feel like volunteering, definitely start at the top if you can!

  • Chrono Trigger V-Jump Player's Guide Interview
  • Chrono Trigger Prerelease Coverage
  • Chrono Cross V-Jump Interview Video
  • Mitsuda interviews from Más allá del Tiempo
  • Chrono Trigger OAV Manga
  • Chrono Trigger Prerelease (Undecipherable Text from Earlier Builds)
  • Youtube Another Eden and FF Interviews

Chrono Trigger Prerelease[edit]


  • Translated Text (CTP) (undecipherable portions from earlier builds); note that RyogaMasaki probably has translated this as well as will ever be possible at this point.

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Chrono Trigger OAV Manga[edit]

It's around ~160 pages and intended for a young reading level, so perhaps it won't be as difficult to translate as other stuff. If possible, a scanlation would be mind-blowingly awesome.


Chrono Trigger V-Jump Player's Guide[edit]

This guide is a goldmine of interviews and special features, including some early character sketches by Toriyama (see Official Art) for those.

Chrono Trigger Prerelease Coverage[edit]

Includes material on Chrono Cross, as well. We're hoping for something unique in here. The translations will be kept on that page. We've looked over most of them with Google Lens, but there a few untranslated interviews that would be great to have (look for "Priority" in the text, or anything that says "Interview").

Chrono Cross[edit]

Chrono Break or Other Interviews[edit]

Mas alla del Tiempo[edit]

The book Más allá del Tiempo was published in 2015 and later translated to French, containing interviews with Masato Kato and Yasunori Mitsuda:

The Kato interview has been translated:

2015 - Masato Kato, by Mariela Gonzalez

The Mitsuda interview has not been translated to English. If any Spanish-speaking of French-speaking Chrono fans can provide the Mitsuda interview, it would be hugely appreciated.

Youtube Interviews[edit]

We also need someone to watch these and provide the gist of any portions that talk about the Chrono series. A Japanese fansite that tracks interviews confirms they do, but the Chrono content is unknown.

Another Eden Stream[edit]

Masato Kato discusses Chrono Break in this one; see here. Using OpenAI's Whisper and DeepL, it appears the team We haven't had an actual translation by a volunteer, but I've used the OpenAI Whisper transcription tool to get what I can out of it. The raw text is below; here are my conclusions from feeding it into DeepL:

  • There's some discussion of Chrono Trigger in the first half of the video, where (Kato?) discusses having writer's block for developing the story for roughly a year after the project was started, and resisting being fired from the project.
  • He started brainstorming ideas for a new Chrono game shortly after Cross's release around 2000, with the idea that it would be a PS2-era game.
  • It really is intended to be titled "Break", not "Brake", as he was imagining a story about time literally breaking somehow (DeepL says, "And the title was something like, 'That's when it all goes to shit.'")
  • Preproduction was in session around 2000/2001 (including the registration of the trademark).
  • Final Fantasy Dimensions II ended up recycling the main scenario of the story!

There's some mention of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross afterwards, but it seems mostly inconsequential. The raw transcription is below. We're hoping someone will translate this snippet fully; see this link.

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