Masamune (Leeching of)


Why does the Masamune absorb energy from the Mammon Machine?


Dreamstone naturally conducts the energy of Lavos; this was why the Mammon Machine was constructed -- to extract Lavos's emanations from deep within the planet and use them for power. Think of it like this: You take two car batteries, one fully charged and one much less charged. You hook them up to each other and the fully charged one will, over time, lose power to the less charged one, until they both contain the same amount of energy. I think this is a great comparison, since both the Masamune and the Mammon Machine are made of Dreamstone. It's a simple case of equilibrium. Magus is obviously not made of Dreamstone, hence, the Masamune drains his energy for a completely different reason.

From: Common Questions