Magus (Unused)

Era: Unknown
Home Area: Unknown
Level: 37
Attacks: Counter: Fire 2, Counter: Ice 2, Counter: Lightning 2, Strike with Scythe
Charm: None
Item Won: None


HP: 3333
Attack: 100
Defense: 127
Magic: 19
Magic Defense: 50
Speed: 9
Stamina: 10
Evade: 16
Hit: 100
TP: 1
Exp: 10
Gold: 100
Absorbs: None
Resists: None
Cancels: None
Weakness: None

This Magus seems like an incomplete version of the North Cape fight. At first he will only do scythe attacks. If the only attack was by the Masamune, it will be switch between wasting a turn and a different attack with no visible difference. Below 50% HP he will always attack with his scythe, and counter with a scythe attack, Fire 2, Lightning 2, or Ice 2 randomly, unless the attack was by the Masamune.



From: Monsters (Chrono Trigger)