Magus (Temporal abilities)


Can Magus utilize magic to travel through time? Is that how Magil was able to return to the present in Radical Dreamers?



  • Instead of running when the party runs, Magus floats, most likely controlling gravity or possibly magnatism to do so.
  • Magus summons Lavos. A summon is either the teleportation of a being from one location to the caster's current location on the same plane of existence. Any teleportation is a manipulation of space, displacing something form point A to point B.
  • Instead of running or even floating up to enemies that Magus wants to slash with his scythe, Magus does a short teleportation there. As stated above, any type of teleportation is a manipulation of space.


  • Magus' Lavos summoning gone wrong does propel everyone to different time eras -- however...This is probably due to Lavos's involvment.


  • Azala can teleport rocks, and even Ozzie and Razzly can float instead of walking on the ground.
  • Magus appears stuck in 12000 B.C. Of course, he did want to stay there to get a shot at Lavos.
  • Magus, disguised as The Prophet, forces his sister to seal a time gate. He does not seal it himself. This may be because he cannot, or maybe he didn't want to blow his cover as The Prophet.
  • The Gurus manipulated time chiefly through intellectual application of magic. Magus is not a scholar, and would probably travel through time with their devices.

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