Magical Dreamers

General Information[edit]

Chrono Cross[edit]

Members: Nikki, Miki, Yu and Mi

The Magical Dreamers are a rock band formed by Nikki around or before 1015 A.D. The young half Demi-human, having endured a rocky life after being separated from his father in 1011 A.D., aspired to tell his story and relate meaningful expressions through music. He selected a unique look and wrote interesting music; however, it was rejected at first, as he could not even break the top 100. While in his trailer and considering giving up one night, he was visited by Lucca who related that his music spoke of "Magical Dreams." Floored by the compliment, he subsequently named the band Magical Dreamers and relentlessly persevered in his musical effort. He eventually added theatrics to his show, hiring Miki, Yu, and Mi as dancers. He pioneered a form of rock theatre to relate his stories and music, preceding the show with a bardic narration. Nikki soon became a phenomenon, and word of his performance even reached El Nido. They were slated to perform in the islands in 1020 A.D. in both Another World and Home World, though in different venues. In Another World, the Acacia Dragoons hired them to work the Viper Festival; once it was canceled, Nikki joined Serge on his quest, leaving the Magical Dreamers in Termina. In Home World, Nikki was hired by Fargo to perform on the S.S. Zelbess, but soon adopted another routine when he found the Sage of Marbule. Aiming to restore Marbule to its former glory, he organized a fantastic show. Once Fargo from Another World steered the ship to Marbule, the performance unveiled; it related the story of a marooned sailor who met a beautiful fairy and stayed with her. The song exposed the Lagoonate monsters in Marbule, allowing their defeat and the reconstruction of Marbule.

The Magical Dreamers' look is based on visual kei, a genre of music in Japan. It is noted for its practitioners' wearing elaborate costumes and aiming for an androgynous appearance. They mostly perform J-Rock.



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