Lynx (Neglected Opportunity)


FATE knew down to the day when Serge would cross the dimensions. Why didn't Lynx simply wait for that moment, and grab Serge? Why did he send Karsh instead? As Kodokami humorously put it:

Hey, you're finally here! Congratulations! Sorry dude, I know this is confusing for you, but I need you to take a trip with me across the ocean so I can use your DNA to open a sealed door that imprinted on you when you were a baby, because behind that door is an infinite power source from the 25th century that I need to maintain the natural balance of the world! Haha, doesn't that sound fun? C'mon, we'll make a vacation out of it. I've been waiting 10 years already, so I'm in no hurry apparently. And don't worry that I look like something from your worst nightmares, I lost a bet with Miguel a long time ago and he thought it'd be funny. I killed him by the way, don't tell your girlfriend.

OH, and silly me, did I mention? I'm actually you're long-lost father! No hard feelings about trying to drown you ages ago, right? Right? Ahaha, that's my boy! I'll make it up to you with some churros later.

From: Lynx
From: Plot Inconsistencies