Location Translations (CTP)

General Information[edit]

JLukas first searched through the Prerelease's overworld location names menu and produced the only names that differed from the final Japanese version.


Heian-794 then translated.

Heian-794: 06 Seabird Inn
0C Traveler's Hotel
13 Western Mountain Cave
16 Shrine of the Sun (The original is closer; the final uses 'light' instead of 'Sun')
1E Desert Cave (with 'doukutsu' in hiragana for some reason)
34 Village Tent (with the village unnamed; Ioka Village Tent in J version)
41 Sealed Shrine; North Sealed Shrine in the JP version
42 Earthburrow Cave; "Earth People's Cave" in the JP version
45 is 'remaining village' in both but expressed different ways

06 Kaichou-Tei / Toruusu-chou no yadoya
0C Tabi no hoteru / Parepori-chou no yadoya
13 Nishi no yama no doukutsu / Hekeran no doukutsu
16 Taiyou no hokora / Hikari no hokora
1E Sabaku no doukutsu / Chitei sabaku
34 Mura no tento / Ioka mura no tento
41 Fuuinkyuu / Kita no fuuinkyuu
42 Chimoguri no doukutsu / Chi no tami no doukutsu
45 Nokosare mura / Nokosareta mura

These correspond to Traveler's Hotel, Truce Inn, Sealed Pyramid, Sunken Desert, Ioka Hut, Terra Cave, and Heckran Cave. Be sure to check out more translations at Translated Text (CTP).

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