Location Offsets (CTP)

List by ZeaLitY and Skreename
Rooms found by loading ROM with 7E0100xx
Credit to the Sage of Time for the room modifier code

Note that 'default' refers to the ground template of the Forest Maze; it
apparently was a placeholder of sorts for areas that weren't designed at
the time of the Prerelease's release.

[blackhole89 @16.11.04] 7E010100 makes the first bunch of maps (starting
     with 00=Title Screen) load, whilst 7E010101 selects the second one.
     Apparently the map index is at least 9 bits in size (which reminds
     of SMW).

00: Title Screen
01: Crono's House, Downstairs
02: Crono's House, Upstars
03: Lucca's House, Upstairs
04: Lucca's House, Living Room
05: Millennial Fair, First Area
06: Millennial Fair, Gato
07: Millennial Fair, Prehistoric Dance
08: Millennial Fair, Super Dimension Warp Demonstration
09: Default with future people; exits to Millennial Fair
0A: Lucca's House, Lucca's Room
0B: Crono's Trial (Default, Millennial Fair music)
0C: Truce Inn, 1000 A.D.
0D: Truce Mayor's Manor
0E: Truce Mayor's Manor, upstairs
0F: Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.
10: Truce Residence, 1000 A.D.
11: Truce Market, 1000 A.D., with Poyozo Doll
12: Truce Ferry
13: Guardia Forest, 1000 A.D.
14: Guardia Forest, Gate Area
15: Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.
16: Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.
17: Guardia Castle, Marle's room, 1000 A.D.
18: Guardia Castle, kitchen, 1000 A.D.
19: Guardia Castle, knight's quarters, 1000 A.D.
1A: Guardia Castle, treasury, 1000 A.D.
1B: Crono's trial
1C: Chancellor's escort to prison
1D: Chancellor's conversation with warden
1E: Guardia Castle, dungeon, battle with undead
1F: Medina square
20: Zenan Bridge, south side, 1000 A.D.
21: Medina Elder's House
22: Medina Elder's House, Upstairs
23: Medina Inn
24: Medina Residence
25: Medina Residence, removed from final version of CT
26: Default
27: Medina Market
28: Melchior's Hut
29: Melchior's Hut, Downstairs
2A: Sealed Pyramid
2B: Sealed Pyramid Dungeon, first room
2C: Sealed Pyramid Dungeon, final room
2D: Sealed Pyramid Dungeon, second room, left entrance
2E: Sealed Pyramid Dungeon, second room, right entrance
2F: Heckran's Cave, no water
30: Heckran's Cave, entrance
31: Heckran's Cave, water
32: Porre Mayor's Manor
33: Porre Mayor's Manor, Upstairs
34: Porre Residence
35: Snail Stop
36: Porre Market, 1000 A.D.
37: Porre Inn
38: Porre Ferry
39: Cathedral, Magus shrine
3A: Choras Mayor's Manor.
3B: Choras Mayor's Manor, Upstairs
3C: Choras Residence, 1000 A.D.
3D: Choras Residence, 1000 A.D.
3E: Choras Inn
3F: Toma's Grave
40: Sun Keep, 1000 A.D.
41: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D.
42: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
43: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
44: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
45: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
46: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
47: Guardia Castle, Dungeon, Crono's Cell
48: Guardia Castle, Dungeon, Hallway
49: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D.
4A: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
4B: Guardia Castle, Dungeon, outside tower
4C: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
4D: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
4E: Northern Ruins, 1000 A.D
50: Default
51: Default
52: Default
53: Default
54: Default
55: Default
56: Default
57: Default
58: Default
59: Default
60: Default
61: Default
62: Default
63: Default
64: Default
65: Default
66: Default
67: Default
68: Default
69: Future Leene Square / Robo Ending
70: Truce Canyon
71: Truce Canyon, Gate Area
72: Truce Residence, 600 A.D.
73: Banta's House
74: Truce Inn, 600 A.D.
75: Truce Inn, Upstairs, 600 A.D.
76: Truce Market, 600 A.D.
77: Guardia Forest, 600 A.D.
78: Guardia Castle, 600 A.d.
79: Guardia Castle, 600 A.D.
7A: Guardia Castle, Leene's Room, 600 A.D.
7B: Guardia Castle, kitchen, 600 A.D.
7C: Guardia Castle, knight's quarters, 600 A.D.
7D: Magus's Lair, right hallway
7E: Genocide Dome, conveyer belt
80: Genocide Dome, elevator room
81: Cathedral, prior to Naga-ette ambush
82: Cathedral
83: Cathedral
84: Cathedral
85: Zenan Bridge, broken, 600 A.D.
86: Zenan Bridge, broken, 1000 A.D.
87: Zenan Bridge, repaired with battles, 600 A.D.
88: Dorino Residence
89: Dorino Residence
8A: Dorino Inn
8B: Dorino Shop
8C: Cursed Woods
8D: Frog's Burrow
8E: Denadoro Mts.
8F: Denadoro Mts.
90: Denadoro Mts.
91: Denadoro Mts.
92: Denadoro Mts.
93: Denadoro Mts.
94: Denadoro Mts., Summit
95: Denadoro Mts.
96: Denadoro Mts.
97: Denadoro Mts.
98: Tata's House
99: Tata's House, Upstairs
9A: Porre Elder's House
9B: Porre Cafe
9C: Porre Inn, 600 A.D.
9D: Porre Market, 600 A.D.
9E: Fiona's Villa
9F: Sunken Desert
A0: Sunken Desert
A1: Sunken Desert
A2: Default
A3: Magic Cave Entrance (Sealed)
A4: Magic Cave
A5: Magus's Lair, approach
A6: Magus's Lair, main hall
A7: Magus's Lair, conveyor
A8: Magus's Lair, Ozzie's trap doors
A9: Magus's Lair, Slash's room
AA: Magus's Lair, battle before conveyors
AB: Magus's Lair, Flea's treasure
AC: Magus's Lair, Magus's chamber
AD: Magus's Lair, Flea's room
AE: Magus's Lair, Ozzie's room
AF: Magus's Lair, Ozzie pulleys
B0: Magus's Lair, first tower ascent
B1: Ozzie's Fort
B2: Ozzie's Fort
B3: Ozzie's Fort
B4: Ozzie's Fort
B5: Ozzie's Fort
B6: Guardia Castle, Dungeon, Tower
B7: Default
B8: Default
B9: Choras Residence, 600 A.D.
BA: Choras Carpenter's house
BB: Choras Carpenter's house, Upstairs
BC: Choras Cafe
BD: Choras Inn, 600 A.D.
BE: Choras Market, 600 A.D.
BF: Sun Keep, 600 A.D.
C0: Northern Ruins, 600 A.D.
C1: Northern Ruins, 600 A.D.
C2: Northern Ruins, 600 A.D.
C3: Giant's Claw, cave
C4: Giant's Claw, cave
C5: Giant's Claw, Rainbow Shell
C6: Cathedral
C7: Cathedral
C8: Cathedral
C9: Cathedral
CA: Cathedral
CB: Cathedral
CF: Default
D0: Trann Dome
D1: Trann Dome, sealed room
D2: Bangor Dome
D3: Bangor Dome, sealed room
D4: Lab 16, first area
D5: Lab 16, second area
D6: Arris Dome
D7: Arris Dome, basement, right door
D8: Arris Dome, basement lobby
D9: Arris Dome, Day of Lavos anteroom
DA: Arris Dome, Day of Lavos room
DB: Arris Dome, Guardian boss
DC: Arris Dome, sealed room
DD: Arris Dome, rat chase
DE: Reptite Lair, top left room
DF: Lab 32, first area
E0: Lab 32, second area
E1: Lab 32, third area,
E2: Proto Dome
E3: Proto Dome, Gate area
E4: Factory
E5: Factory elevator
E6: Factory, r-series room
E7: Factory, crane room
E8: Factory, bug room
E9: Factory, treasure room
EA: Factory
EB: Factory, generator
EC: Sewer Access
ED: Sewer Access, basement
EE: Unknown Cave
EF: Unknown Sewer Access room
F0: Default
F1: Keeper's Dome
F2: Keeper's Dome, path to Epoch
F3: Keeper's Dome, Epoch hangar
F4: Death Peak, first area (no wind)
F5: Death Peak
F6: Death Peak
F7: Death Peak
F8: Geno Dome, entrance
F9: Geno Dome, bottom of conveyor
FA: Geno Dome, top of conveyor
FB: Sun Palace
FC: Default
FD: Default
FE: Default
FF: Sun Keep, 2300 A.D.

Method 2 -- Entering 7E010101, 7E0100xx, and loading ROM.

00: Geno Dome, by four switches
01: Geno Dome, treasure room
02: Geno Dome, treasure room with three robot niches
03: Factory, treasure room with Protos
04: Death Peak, second area E
05: Death Peak, strange area E
06: Death Peak, ice bridge
07: Death Peak, ice bridge
08: Death Peak, caves
09: Death Peak, peak
0A: Death Peak, Default
0B: Death Peak, Geno Dome conveyor belt
0C: Geno Dome, Mother Brain room
0D: Geno Dome, human extermination room
0E: Giant's Claw treasure room
0F: Crono's House, opening scene (cannot go downstairs)
10: Mystic Mountain, peak
11: Mystic Mountain, foot
12: Mystic Mountain, path
13: Chief's Hut
14: Ioka Hut
15: Ioka Trader Hut
16: Ioka Hut
17: Ioka Commons
18: Ioka Commons, night
19: Forest Maze
1A: Forest Maze, with footprints
1B: Reptite Lair
1C: Reptite Lair
1D: Reptite Lair
1E: Reptite Lair, four treasure rooms
1F: Reptite Lair
20: Reptite Lair, long room
21: Reptite Lair, Nizbel room
22: Reptite Lair
23: Hunting Range
24: Laruba Ruins, night?
25: Dactyl Nest
26: Dactyl Nest
27: Dactyl Nest, peak (no red star)
28: Tyrano Lair
29: Tyrano Lair, throne room
2A: Tyrano Lair, outside
2B: Tyrano Lair
2C: Tyrano Lair, throne room
2D: Tyrano Lair, tower with headless Tyrano
2E: Tyrano Lair
2F: Tyrano Lair
30: Tyrano Lair
31: Tyrano Lair, warp room
32: Default
33: Cave?
34: Default with Ioka villagers and Reptites
35: Ioka Hut
36: Ioka Trading Hut
37: Ioka Hut
38: Singing Mountain, caves
39: Singing Mountain, outside
3A: Singing Mountain, lavafalls
3B: Singing Mountain, caves
3C: Singing Mountain, caves
3D: Singing Mountain, caves
3E: Singing Mountain, caves
3F: Singing Mountain, outside
40: Singing Mountain, outside
41: Singing Mountain, caves
42: Singing Mountain, peak cave
43: Singing Mountain, Default
44: Singing Mountain, Default
45: Singing Mountain, Default
46: Singing Mountain, Default
47: Sun Keep, 65,000,000 B.C.
48: Zeal Palace
49: Zeal Palace, throne room antechamber with exits
4A: Zeal Palace, throne room antechamber without exits
4B: Zeal Palace, Mammon Machine
4C: Zeal Palace, Mammon Machine
4D: Zeal Palace, Mammon Machine & Throne Room
4E: Zeal Palace, Mammon Machine & Throne Room
4F: Default
50: Land Bridge
51: Skyway
52: Default
53: Default
54: Default
55: Default
56: Default
57: Default
58: Arris Dome, food storage
59: Default
5A: Default
5B: Default
5C: Default
5D: Default
5E: Default
5F: 12,000 B.C. Gate cave
60: Land Bridge
61: Land Bridge
62: Skyway
63: Enhasa
64: Skyway
65: Kajar
66: Kajar, Default
67: Kajar, Guru Room
68: Kajar, Magic Tab research room
69: Default
6A: Default
6B: Blackbird, wing
6C: Blackbird, wing
6D: Blackbird, wing
6E: Blackbird, overhead view
6F: Blackbird, Default
70: Blackbird, corridors
71: Blackbird, corridors
72: Blackbird, room
73: Blackbird, room
74: Blackbird, room
75: Blackbird, room
76: Blackbird, room
77: Blackbird, room
78: Blackbird, black screen
79: Blackbird, Dalton scene (Default)
7A: Default
7B: Default
7C: Algetty
7D: Algetty, Inn
7E: Algetty, room
7F: Algetty, room
80: Algetty, room
81: Algetty, room
82: Algetty, weird room with red boxes
83: Algetty, chain anteroom
84: Algetty, chain room
85: Zeal, mountain skyway cave
86: Default
87: Default
88: Mountain of Woe
89: Mountain of Woe
8A: Mountain of Woe
8B: Mountain of Woe
8C: Mountain of Woe
8D: Mountain of Woe, peak
8E: Zeal Palace, dungeon
8F: Zeal Palace, dungeon fragment
90: Zeal Palace, dungeon
91: Zeal Palace, with Masa & Mune and Zealian man
92: Zeal Palace
93: Zeal Palace
94: Ocean Palace, entrance
95: Ocean Palace
96: Ocean Palace
97: Ocean Palace
98: Ocean Palace
99: Ocean Palace
9A: Ocean Palace
9B: Ocean Palace
9C: Ocean Palace
9D: Ocean Palace
9E: Ocean Palace
9F: Ocean Palace
AO: Ocean Palace, elevator
A8: Last Village, commons
A9: Last Village, hut
AA: Last Village, hut
AB: Last Village, hut
AC: North Cape
AD: Default
AE: Tyrano Lair
AF: Tyrano Lair, Default
B0: Epoch, traveling through time with orange flame background
B1: Reset
B2: Tent of Horrors
B3: Magic Cave, outside
B4: Campfire scene
B5: Factory, conveyor belt room
B6: Guardia Court, king's trial
B7: Millennial Fair, from Gato's area
B8: Guardia Treasury
B9: Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D.
BA: Blackbird, room
BB: Blackbird, room
BC: Blackbird, room
BD: Blackbird, room
BE: Magus's Lair, tower (exits to Choras)
BF: Magus's Lair, throne anteroom (staircase with bats)
CE: Default, with Omnicrones, Henches and Reptites
CF: Default, with Omnicrones, Henches and Reptites
D0: End of Time
D1: Spekkio's Room
D2: Lavos, on 1999 A.D. ground (exiting causes eruption)
D3: Default
D4: Guardia Castle, stairway room
D5: Magus's Lair, children & maid
D6: Magus's Lair, gryphon statues
D7: Magus's Lair, basement
D8: Default
D9: Default
DA: Default
DB: Default
DC: Default
DD: Default
DE: Default
DF: Default
E0: Guardia Castle, stairway room
E1: Blackbird, overhead view (flying over ocean)
E2: Blackbird, room
E3: Blackbird, room
E4: Blackbird, room
E5: Blackbird, room
E6: Guardia Castle, stairway room
E7: Guardia Castle, stairway room
E8: Guardia Castle, stairway room
E9: Guardia Castle, stairway room
EA: Tyrano Lair, warp room (Guardia Castle music)
EB: Guardia Court, Default
EC: Default
ED: Default, with Omnicrones, Henches and Reptites
EE: Lavos Core
EF: Default, with Omnicrones, Henches and Reptites
F0: 1000 A.D. World Map
F1: 600 A.D. World Map
F2: 2300 A.D. (?) World Map
F3: 65,000,000 B.C. World Map
F4: 12,000 B.C. World Map
F5: Zeal World Map
F6: 12,000 B.C. World Map
F7: 1999 A.D. World Map

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