Level Zero (Difficulty Hack)

Author: Maelstrom
Download: Level Zero

It's a concept hack that was initially designed to circumvent the quirky nature of magic defense and other stats by removing the level-up entirely. After changing character and enemy stats, I mainly tried to learn to do more things with the ROM and improve the game's balance by tweaking more and more components of the game, even tweaking/adding a few minor events. While all these changes meant making certain battles more difficult, it also meant making the game more forgiving in other regards. For those who may have seen Frozen in Time v0.6, this patch is a major update.

While this is not explicitly a hardtype hack, it is probably is a bit on the difficult side, so if you'd like to play Chrono Trigger with a bit of an edge, Level Zero is worth a go. I've tested it over and over again, and I'm at the point I could really use some feedback. So, give me your best shot.


From: Modifications (Chrono Trigger)