Lavos Shell

General Information[edit]

Chrono Trigger[edit]

Era: 1999 A.D.
Music: Last Battle, World Revolution
Bosses: Lavos

The inside of the Lavos shell is a winding corridor, cave-like in appearance. Heavy breathing could be heard throughout the hall, at and its head was a pod-like room that housed the central Lavos being. The pod contained the DNA of every living organism on the planet, arranged before the alien creature in the center. The wildest part of the shell was soon to come, however; after this foe was beaten, the evolved Lavos form emerged to combat the party. The group were thrown into a state of temporal flux that could only be quelled by defeating Lavos. The actual workings of the shell remain an enigma; it is unknown how Lavos was able to collect the DNA of the animals topside, or the nature of his temporal abilities when the final being evolved.




From: Locations (Chrono Trigger)