Lavos (Spawn Launch)


How do Lavos spawns achieve escape velocity once they're ready to leave the planet and search for new ones?


Maturity Explosion[edit]

Odd Water

Theory #1: How Lavos Spreads It's Spawn

Much about what we can already guess and assume about Lavos is already covered in the Lavos - Points of Interest section. But the one aspect that is missing that I always liked to wonder about was how did Lavos get to our world, and how it will spread it's spawn back out into space. We know it came down from space, but considering it needed a planet to land on, to 'feed' energy off of, and creatures to gain DNA from to strengthen itself and/or spawn leads us to believe it came from another world itself, and didn't just evolve in space. And while Lavos seems to have enormous power and ability, there is nothing to suggest it can lift itself back up and fly off a planet. Which brings me to my old idea...

The basic idea of my theory is that in the end Lavos blows up the planet from the inside out.

We already know that Lavos can handle trips through space, as well as planetary impact. From there it begins the long process of absorbing energy and then sooner or later, start its DNA absorption phase. Eventually it creates some of the Lavos Spawn which are deposited upon the planet's surface to grow and strengthen. Since Lavos came down from space at what appears to be the same size as he is shown in later surfacing events, we could assume that the spawn most likely grow to this size while still on the planet of their creation/birth. Which means during the 2300 A.D. time on Death Peak, we are seeing Lavos Spawn that are still a long way from maturing to full growth. How long that growth takes none can say, for we have no idea how much longer the planet and time went on after 2300 A.D. No one ever really speculates as to why Lavos is so large as well. I would guess that the Lavos species grow to such a size for three reasons.

First, to be able to house a sufficient amount of energy for surviving what is likely to be eons in space till they land on a planet. This goes well with the Seed/Egg idea where most of Lavos is pretty much just a giant seed for storing energy, while a small section within has the actual being. Just like how a real seed is mostly food storage for the little living plant embryo inside to keep it alive till planted.

Second, to be large and sturdy enough to survive a planetary impact. Even in the Chrono series we see the worse that happened to Lavos was a small chunk broke off to become the Frozen Flame. There are a lot of things flying around out there in space. And as we have seen throughout the years and is evident in Earth's history as well as on other celestial bodies from craters, is that when large things collide its more power then anything mankind can accomplish, so far. Lavos is powerful, we all know that. And I suggest that its ability to survive a planet fall has a lot to do with its sheer size and shell toughness, with possibly even magical spell protections supplementing it as well. All of which is fueled by the massive amount of energy it houses within itself.

Third, again to be large enough to house a sufficient amount of energy to blow up the planet from the inside out, thus launching off the grown Lavos Spawn into space in random directions. Now many might point out that Lavos attacked the surface world at least twice in Chrono Trigger, causing massive damage but not blowing up the planet. I point out my theory is about blowing up the planet from the INSIDE. An easy concept to relate this to is a small firecracker explosive. Even a small one, when lit and left in your open palm, will cause some damage and burning. But even a small one if lit and you close your fingers around it can, and has, blown peoples' hands apart from the fast expansion of internal pressure. Now this concept sounds like suicide in a way (which is to say not sure if the act does or does not kill off the parent Lavos of the planet), but it can fit if we think of Lavos as going by survival of the species and procreation as its goal. After all, its not an unknown in the living world to give up one's self for the continued sake of the species.

I submit that this is likely a good method for how the Lavos species works. Considering a full grown Lavos can already survive impact from space as well as live within the planet's core, it is an easy thing to say they can survive a planet-sized scale explosion too.

Magic Spawn[edit]


The Lavos spawn, whether matured or young, may have enough power to reach escape velocity through magic. The Black Omen and islands of Zeal were held up by magic, after all (although it took a fully-charged Sun Stone to hold up Zeal). There may be a spell or efficient way of levitating for beings of sufficient power.

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