Lavos (DNA Absorption)


How did Lavos absorb DNA?


Lavos desired to do two things: discover new, superior genetic traits and determine how to incorporate these traits into its genetic code. Lavos did not have the ability to invent new genetic traits from scratch, and did not control evolution. Though Magus says he does, this is a mistranslation. Only by observing the evolution of the earth's lifeforms could Lavos improve its own fitness. The only documented instance of Lavos influencing the world's life-forms is the bestowing of magic upon humanity and the other ramafications of contact with the Frozen Flame in 3000000 B.C. Man essentially evolved into a higher form with a much larger brain and the capacity for magic.

Lavos presumably took a trait which it already possessed, and transfered it to humans by inserting parts of its own DNA into the human genome. Humans would in turn naturally mutate and evolve the magic gene. This would result in DNA which Lavos would incorporate into its own genome. All the improvements in turn are passed on to the Lavos spawns. A computer notes in Chronopolis that humans can almost be considered foreign to the planet due to mutation from Lavos.

As for how he physically did it, utunnels offers some quick options:

  1. It's magic! Pretty much this is a lazy theory that solves all mysteries. But, consider how the Frozen Flame makes contact with Lavos itself (they don't have physical contact either), maybe those species whose evolution has been influenced by Lavos also have some sort connections.
  2. Lavos has some agents who collect information for it besides the Frozen Flame or Dreamstones.
  3. It haunts in dreams of the creatures so the information/data can be transferred in the form of electromagnetic energy or a way similar to theory 1. Bet I'm inspired by Cthulhu Mythos, hehe.
  4. It communicates with or even abduct the Planet/Entity! For the creatures are after all 'dreams' of the planet.

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