Lavos (Origin of)


What is Lavos's origin?


Biological Superweapon[edit]

Lavos is possibly a biological superweapon built for the express purpose of achieving superior evolution and destroying planets. It may have grown beyond the creator's control, or be instrumental in a larger plan of galactic conquest through ravaging of worlds. Since Lavos does not directly communicate with the party, it is possible that Lavos and his species are under the control of the creators, who issue directives to them or simply genetically engineered them to undertake their craft according to precise measurements. However, as a plan for conquest, this method is very unproductive, as it leaves ruined natural resources in its wake.

Dream of Perfection[edit]


Whether naturally evolved and sentient or created, Lavos's purpose as an entire race is to achieve the utmost in biological perfection and essentially produce a god whose powers would be beyond anything comprehensible. In this mode, the trillions who'd perish in the cycle would be a "few eggs broken" to create the larger omelet of perfection and mastery of the universe through biological engineering.

Natural Evolution[edit]

Under this model, the Lavos species may have originally evolved as sentient beings on another planet; perhaps obsessed with improving their genetics, they used eugenics to create the Lavos frame, shell, and DNA absorption techniques, and then began a plan of space travel to fulfill their evolution. Some suggest Lavos is the ultimate evolution of a virus.

Wolf Kanno: Basically, Lavos has grown to the end of its genetic potential and has reached an evolutionary dead end. Thus, Lavos travels to other worlds and uses it's powers to absorb the DNA of other species and uses their DNA to transform itself into a new evolutionary stage for itself. To put it in perspective, say humanity has somehow for the sake of argument reached an evolutionary dead end. We cannot get any smarter nor physically more resilient and adaptable. In order to continue to evolve we have to artificially do so through genetic engineering. We would possible work on taking the traits we see as dominant, and beneficial from other organisms around us, and see if we could not engineer ourselves into a new species. One that exhibit the traits of other species without having to place ourselves into billions of years of conditioning, and without fear of losing any beneficial traits we may have had in our previous forms.

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